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DIY Ranunculus and Garden Rose Centerpiece

If you plan on doing your own flower arrangements I am sure you have said to yourself “How am I going to get the finished arrangements to the venue?”. Transporting DIY arrangements from your home to your event is not a complicated process. You will need a car or van that is big enough to hold a couple long boxes.

Top 3 Tips:
1. Put bouquets in a vase with 1-2″ of water.
2. Air condition the car before loading the arrangements.
3. Travel with at least one other person who can keep a an eye on the flowers.

Usually the day of the event or the day before the event you will have access to the venue. If you do not get access to the venue until the day of the event, assign the task of  transporting DIY arrangements to a close relative/friend. Once the arrangements are made it is simple to have someone  bring the flowers to the venue and put them on the tables. Here are some photos that should help you prepare to transport your arrangements from your home to your wedding/ event venue.

Transporting Arrangements

How to Transport Wedding Arrangements to Venue Transporting DIY Arrangements Using a box to transport arrangements Taking Flowers to Wedding Venue DIY Wedding Arrangements

If you want learn how to make the exact centerpiece above you can watch the youtube video. For a step by step explanation for transporting wedding centerpieces and arrangements visit our DIY Flowers 101 Lesson on flower transportation.

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Learning how to make a tall hydrangea arrangement or centerpiece is a must if you plan on making all of your own flower arrangements for a wedding. You will probably find yourself needing to make 2-4 large floral pieces for the ceremony. Usually couples want to have large flower arrangements at wedding ceremonies to incorporate the wedding theme and colors in both the ceremony and the reception.

Step 1 - Hydrate Flowers

Using hydrangeas for large arrangements is a DIY treasured secret! They have long stems for tall vases, take up a lot of space, and are extremely easy to arrange. They will also enable you to use less of other flowers, making the overall arrangement much more simple to put together.

Once you receive your wholesale flowers ordered online, cut the stems and follow our flower care instructions. Prepping and hydrating flower properly is very important, especially for hydrangeas that require constant hydration!

Step 1 - Hydrate the FlowersStart out with your greens. Place each stem at the edge of the large opening vase.  The greenery will create a template and visual shape for the size and shape of the arrangement.

Step 2 - Start with GreeneryDon’t worry about making a perfect shape with the greenery, this is just a way for you to start making a base for arrangement shape. The large opening in the vase will allow for the flowers to move around freely, not until you have a more flowers will the shape become sturdy enough to strategically hold smaller flowers in place.

Step 3 - Add HydrangeasStart adding the hydrangeas into the greenery established base. Put enough hydrangeas in the vase to start creating a grid-like pattern with the stems, this will allow you to more strategically place flowers in their place and keep them sturdy. Use the hydrangeas to be the focal flower in the arrangement.

Step 4 - Add RosesStart adding roses into the arrangement. Create a pattern so with the colors and shapes.

Step 5 Add StockAdd the stock, then rotate in the calla lilies, button mums, cockscomb, hypericum, and hanging amaranthus. This tall hydrangea arrangement can now be used to decorate your wedding ceremony as well as the reception.

ArrangementMost couples use 2 large arrangements at their ceremony. Since these larger arrangements would go to waist if they are left at the ceremony, couples take them to the wedding and use them as cake table decor, place card table, or at the sweetheart table. Use your wedding colors and desired flowers to create beautiful budget wedding flower arrangements! Order wholesale wedding flowers online to cut costs on wedding or event centerpieces, bouquets, and floral decor.

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The fall wildflower pack deal makes wholesale flowers an affordable option for any wedding.  Couples looking to make their wedding flower arrangements also want to add personal touches to their big day. Creating rustic wildflower arrangements is a personal touch many guests enjoy.

In an effort to help our customers get the best flowers at the best prices we took this popular fall wedding item and offered it at a 10% off discount.

Country Plum Harvest Fall Wildflower Pack

Create beautiful fall wedding flower arrangements using deep purples, bronze, reds, oranges, peaches, and deep greens. This beautiful fall wildflower pack has been a popular item for barn weddings especially.

Vintage Fall In Love Wildflower Pack

This particular fall wildflower pack is one of our most romantic items. The “Vintage Fall In Love Wildflower Pack” is a season best seller. It is romantic, vintage, and perfect for the brighter fall color schemes. Often times, our D-I-Y’ers have paired it with garden roses to add a final touch of vintage romance.

Good news, there are more fall wildflower packs that you did not get to see in this post. Go see all the wildflower packs and let us know which one is your favorite! Share them with anyone you know is getting married and see what they think!

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