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We know winter is not the most popular season to have a wedding. But there is something extra special about a winter wedding. Maybe it’s because they are rare, or because of the potential for snow in the backdrop, or the clean and white natural hues, or the lace sleeves and shawls.. We’re not sure what it is, but the beauty is always undeniable. Winter weddings usually bring about deep romantic flowers or pure blends of white blooms, two contrasting looks but two infallible results.

This shoot really caught our eye. It perfectly captures everything about a white winter wedding- the snow and pops of metallic only make the floral arrangements look even more fantastic.
So here is a winter wedding bouquet recipe on how to mimic the image below!

winter wedding bouquet recipe

Here is a list of what you need:
Lisianthus White              Anemone White              Stock White              Brunia Silver              Dusty Miller

 Lisianthus-White White anemone White-Stock Brunia Silver Dusty Miller

Floral scissors             Floratape Stem Wrap             Gold ribbon

Putting the bouquet together only requires a few steps.
(Note: To make one bouquet this size, one bunch of each flower/filler will be enough and there will be some stems left over.)

1. Cut the hydrated stems a little longer than the desired length.
2. Start with 1 stem of each kind of flower/filler to create a base for the bouquet. Bunch each stem together to create a round shape and then secure your first layer with the floral tape.
3. Add additional stems each type of flower/filler in an even rotation around the base and continue to build the bouquet, securing each additional section with floral tape.
4. Continue to add new layers until the desired shape is reached. Then use some stems of Dusty Miller to add around the entire bouquet to create a round finished look and apply the last layer of floral tape.
5. Wrap the gold ribbon around the bouquet until no more floral tape is showing.
6. Use the corsage pins to secure the ribbon in place.
(Use one of our step-by-step flower photo tutorials for more bouquet assistance.)


See more about this winter wedding bouquet and the rest of this stunning winter wedding on Ruffled!

winter wedding bouquet 6 winter wedding bouquet (2) winter wedding bouquet 4 (2) winter wedding bouquet winter wedding bouquet 4

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Thanksgiving is the kick off to a long holiday season of money spending. So, although you want to make sure you kick off the holiday season with a bang, it should be cost efficient too. Thanksgiving decorations are extremely important in getting friends and family into the spirit, so including fresh cut flowers in  Thanksgiving decorations will bring the joy of natural elements of the harvest season indoors.

DIY THANKSGIVING IDEA: Order a DIY Thanksgiving Flower Pack and set aside some time the day before Thanksgiving or the morning of (while the turkey is in the oven) to gather with family to make a centerpiece and some fun little arrangements. A fun thanksgiving craft often becomes a family tradition that you will cherish.

Thanksgiving decorations

Here are the steps for creating this arrangement:

1. Order flowers and pick a ship date to receive the flowers 2-3 days before Thanksgiving.
2. Upon arrival, cut the stems & hydrate the flowers in buckets until you want to arrange.
3. Cut down the floral foam to fit into the vase, let it to soak in a water/ flower food mix.
4. Put the soaked floral foam in the vase and create the arrangement shape with greens.
5. Add larges focal flowers first, in this case use the roses to create the focal center.
6. Add the smaller filler flowers, spread all the colors throughout the arrangement.
7. Finish up my rotating the arrangement and filling in spaces!

That was easy right? If you have ordered a Thanksgiving Flower Pack, you will have plenty left over flowers to use in other areas of your home. Arrange them for the kitchen, foyer, serving tables, or even food dishes! Tell us your ideas for what you would do with these.



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You might be sitting down with your wedding budget scribbled on a piece of paper scratching your head thinking, “How the heck am I going to pull this off?”. Yes, when you are on a budget you start to really prioritize what is most important to you on your wedding day and you are probably trying to figure out how to maximize on DIY flowers. You are thinking you will have to compromise on everything you originally wanted. Well, we never really understood the phrase, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, I mean what else are you supposed to do with the damn cake?!

So, in order to get the cake so you can eat it too, you have to do a little bit of smart DIY flower planning. So no, you don’t have to spend $5,000 on your wedding flowers to get what you want. You can plan smart, put the flowers together yourself, and still have MOST of what you dreamed of. We are going to give you 5 tips that you might not have ever thought about.

NUMBER ONE: Spread Out the More Expensive Flowers

It’s okay that you want the high ticket items. Yes you can have peonies, ranunculus, anemones, dahlias, succulents and specialty flowers. The key is balance. Instead of having an all peony bouquet, use 3 stems of peonies in your bouquet (They are huge – they will still be the focal point) and supplement the look will something beautiful, stated, yet more budget friendly like spray roses, some fillers, and greens. The left over stems will go toward other arrangements you want to make with your DIY flowers, this way you make the higher priced flowers go a long way.

anemone hydrangea and babies breath bouquet

Also, limit yourself to 2-3 varieties of the most expensive stuff, add a bunch or two of each of those items to your order, use them in the most special arrangements like the bridal bouquet and bridal table. Pairing the specialty flowers with other flowers will still give you the expensive look without the big price tag. The above bouquet looks really large because there are 3 stems of hydrangea and anemones paired with affordable spray roses, roses, stock, baby’s breath, and greens. In order to recreate this look on a budget incorporate 2 large hydrangeas, 5-6 anemones, 4-5 spray rose stems – 3-5 rose stems, a few stems of babies breath, and greens! This bouquet with a florist would cost around $150-200 but if you DIY could be as low as $35.00

NUMBER TWO: The Beautiful Top Secret Budget Friendly Blooms

Yup, there are little hidden gems that you did not know where so affordable yet painfully pretty. We are letting you in on the secret!

Spray Roses: They have evolved into a serious statement flower since the popularity of the romantic vintage style. The reason why they are so cost effective is because each stem has 3-5 blooms. Each bunch is 10 stems, so each bunch gets you anywhere from 30-50 small rose blooms for around $18-25$ (depending on current supply and demand).

Yup all those yellow  and white pretties below are spray roses (mixed with billy balls)! This bouquet was pretty enough to get published on Wedding Chicks, photographed by Brooke Beasley Photography.

maximize on DIY flowers

Dendrobium Orchids: Another hidden gem! Denodrobium orchids come in a 10 stem bunch, each stem has 8-10 blooms, yes, you get 80-100 little orchid blooms in each bunch! That means you can get 80-100 small orchid blooms for around $30-$35! The only downfall is that you need to remove each bloom from the vertical orchid stems and wire it. It requires a little more work but is totally worth the elegant look at the affordable price! They are perfect for boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces. For centerpieces we suggest using the whole orchid stem. As you can see below, the mini orchid blooms placed amongst beautiful mini calla lilies and roses create a statement look.

diy flowers

Football Mums: Just completely ignore the word football, because these big fluffy beauties are the least bit masculine/sporty. They are perfection when paired with pretty much any flower. The reason why we think they are a hidden gem is that they will help you build large bouquets with a lot less $$. You can purchase 10 large football mums for $18-25! This budget friendly bouquet, featured on Style Me Pretty is a prime example of pairing more pricey focal flowers with affordable football mums, wax flower, and greens. This bride got to have the ever-so-popular garden roses when she paired them with more affordable blooms.  Photo by Shannen Norman.

football mum bouquet

Wildflowers: Ordering wildflowers can save you a ton of money. Because wildflowers are mainly a mix between fillers, greens, and accent flowers they are more affordable. Wildflowers are extremely beautiful and can work in any setting, you do not have to have  wedding in a barn to make it work. they are whimsical enough for formal settings as well. Want to replicate this wildflower look below from pinterest? Order the Blooms Vintage White Wedding Wildflower Pack!

rustic bouquet

NUMBER THREE: Use Color to Make the Impact 

Using colors that pair well together to make the impact. Sometimes color pairings are more essential rather than the flower varieties. If that’s the case you have complete budget freedom. If you have been par-oozing the internet looking at expensive designer wedding flowers your best option is to contact the BloomsByTheBox customer support team. We are experts in DIY flowers. We can help you replicate expensive designers bouquets within the budget you need by sticking with the colors and supplementing the more expensive varieties with some more affordable ones.

NUMBER FOUR: Scale Down the Size of the Bridesmaids’ bouquets

Use your bouquet as the focal flower arrangement in your wedding party. You can save a lot of money by simply scaling down the bridal party’s bouquet size, especially brides with 3 or more bridesmaids. Scaling down the size of these secondary arrangements will allow you to purchase some of the more expensive flowers on your list.

NUMBER FIVE: Use a lot of Small Vases VS. a Few Big Vases

Maximize on DIY flowers by using lots of smaller vases rather than a couple big ones. Get miscellaneous bud vases, vintage milk glass, wine bottles, old coke bottles, or all matching bud vases. This will really help you spread out the flowers and colors! The key is using 1 stem of greenery0 and 1-3 focal flowers per bud vase. Then spread them out for optimal impact. This trick is also extremely cost efficient because greenery is very affordable, you can get a few bunches of focal flowers, a couple bunches of fillers, and do all over 20 centerpieces for under $350.

This photo by Christian Oth Studio nails tip 3 and 5 at the same time. Spread out color and make an impact, for more inspiration like this visit Style Me Pretty!

bud vases

Have any questions? Have some suggestions for other budget savvy ideas? We love to hear your feedback.

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NEW Garden Roses


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Blooms by the Box is now offering a bigger and better selection of garden roses! We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are about this! There are few things in the flower world that are better than a garden rose. Garden roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers in the industry, along side of the fabulous peony (garden roses are available all year which gives them an advantage).  The round shape and fluffy texture of the garden rose lends itself to rustic, vintage, romantic, and classic designs. It’s wide spread versatility and undeniable beauty make it the best flower to provide the “wow” factor at weddings and events.

The garden roses Juliet Peach, Miranda Pink, and Patience White come in 10 stem bunches. All of the other varieties come in bunches of 12 stems.
The vase life of these beautiful flowers is pretty short. Depending upon environmental conditions, the optimal vase life can range from 2-4 days. But let them hydrate over night and they will be bloomed, fluffy, and gorgeous for your arrangements!

Click on the product photos below to find out more about each of these different varieties of garden roses!

garden-rose-ohara-white garden-rose-lemon-pompom-yellow Caramel Antike garden rose juliet garden-rose-ohara-light-pink garden-rose-bridal-piano-light-pink Miranda garden-rose-piano-pink garden-rose-baronesse-hot-pink garden rose tess garden-rose-piano-red

How amazing are these blooms?! Also check out our Pinterest to find inspiration on how and where to use garden roses. Below is one of our newest boards for garden rose arrangements including bouquets, large centerpieces, bud vases, corsages, cake toppers, boutonnieres, accessories, and more!

Follow’s board Garden Roses on Pinterest.

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Flower Backdrop


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We are LOVING the flower backdrop trend! If you haven’t seen any flower backdrop photos all over the wedding blogs or Pinterest, this is the place to be.

These flower backdrops are the perfect DIY budget wedding project. Using different types of flowers, different colors, and different locations can make this look suitable for any wedding theme. Keep scrolling to see some of the coolest flower backdrops we have found so far, as well as a tutorial from A Practical Wedding!

flower backdrop 1

How bold and beautiful is this?! The strung big bright gerbera daisies are perfect for the colorful boho theme. A floral backdrop is perfect for a bright wedding color scheme like this or even a party! Blue, pink, or yellow daises could be strung and hung up to add that extra pop at a baby shower.
See the full shoot on Wedding Chicks.

flower backdrop 6 flower backdrop 5 flower backdrop 3

There are hanging flowers all over this wedding! There are beautifully attached stems of roses, astillbe, and greenery on the entrance curtains! There are also rose heads strung and hanging down in various locations. AND we cant forget about the beautiful stems hanging on a T-stand on the table! Amazing! The flowers used and location of these backdrops give a really romantic garden feel. The roses look perfect in the background of the photos. And check out how the hanging candles next to the flower backdrop add amazing ambiance to this beautiful wedding.
See the full wedding on Ruffled.

flower backdrop 9 flower backdrop 8

Hanging hydrangeas?! How clever! This flower backdrop just uses white hydrangeas and carnations hung with twine and attached to a tree. This look perfect encompasses the rustic romantic outdoor theme.
See the full elopement on Ruffled.

Ruffled - photo by - backdrop 13

Those peach carnations… wow! There are only 10-20 heads on each strand. With 15 strands you only need about 200 peach carnations! That comes to less than $200. Add 4 bunches of pink larkspur to create the additional hanging stem arch and you are at about $300 to create the exact same look! The peach flower backdrop gives another very romantic feel, use orange or yellow and create a vibrant feel, or white to get a softer look.
See the full shoot on Ruffled.

flower backdrop 15

Another awesome flower backdrop with carnations! Can you see how a change/mix of colors creates a totally different look and feel? These carnations are such a warm blend of colors that contrast the blue in the rest of the wedding. The same technique used for stringing the carnations can also be used to make leis, like what the bride and groom are wearing!
See the full wedding on Style Me Pretty.

Now check out how easy it is to make these flower backdrops!

How To: Carnation Backdrop

how to flower backdrop

This tutorial on A Practical Wedding will take you through the process step by step. All you need is carnations, fishing line, a big embroidery needle, scissors, and something to hang the strands on (they use a wedding arch). You won’t believe how simple (and cheap!) this is until you check it out. Use our inspiration and customize this DIY project to whatever theme you are going for.


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We cannot express how exciting it is to partner with the most talented photographer’s, stylists, designers, and vendors to create beautiful bridal session styled shoots like this! We greatly esteem stylist Mandy Forlenza Sticos in her ability to pull together the most beautiful bridal inspiration in the wedding market. Kate Ignatowski has become another very esteemed and highly published wedding photographer, I mean you see her photos all over the wedding industry!

This specific styled shoot got published on Style Me Pretty so make sure to go take a look at more fabulous-ness!

Bridal Session DIY flower inspiration Red Peony Centerpiece vintage red peony centerpieces red peony and pink garden rose bouquet

In this shoot the flowers feature include red peonies, light pink ohara garden roses, red astilbe, hypericum, red hanging amaranthus, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

The cutest part of this inspired shoot is that the model is a real bride! Kate Ignatowski decided to have one of her real life brides dress up and be the model for this shoot! Can you imagine?! How much fun is that?! Just some more proof that these vendors are more than just talented, they are good people. If you are looking for vendors for your wedding we highly recommend any of the below vendors, they are truly the best.

Photography: Kate Ignatowski | Styling: Mandy Forlenza Sticos | Flowers: Blooms By The Box | Wedding Dress: Jenny Yoo | Makeup Artist: Anny Chow | Calligraphy: Fleur De Letters | Hair Styling: Andy Tseng | Veil: Sara Gabriel | Venue: Park

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