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So you’re skeptical about ordering your DIY flowers online?  You’re not alone!  Since we began shipping wholesale flowers and supplies nearly a decade ago, we have fielded questions from all over the world about ordering, shipping and caring for fresh cut flowers.  We’ve put together the top 5 doubts about ordering wholesale flowers online to show you how our practiced and proven order and shipping process makes the most worry-free, budget-friendly way to get your fresh DIY flowers delivered right to your door!

1. I think the flowers will get smashed or damaged during shipment.
I don’t see how flowers can survive out of water! What if the weather is really hot or too cold?

It certainly makes sense to have doubts about shipping something as delicate as fresh cut flowers. The Blooms warehouse crew has an established formula for packing each box with extreme care:  The bunches of flowers, fillers, and greens are carefully placed on top of a foam liner, which sits inside a bubble-wrapped aluminum sleeve. Once sealed, the aluminum sleeve will fully enclose the flowers to keep them from shifting within the box. Ice packs are inserted inside the aluminum sleeve so the flowers do not overheat during transit. Flowers that have a difficult time out of water are packed with water bags at the bottom of their stems. We choose the appropriate size box for the number of flowers being shipped so they are not over-packed (which would mean squished flowers), or not packed enough (which would let them bounce around during shipment.)

Your flowers are packed so that they are securely wrapped in the box in a cool, sealed lining that enables them to travel overnight safely. All flower orders are shipped overnight late in the day on your requested ship date to ensure that your fresh flowers spend the least amount of time in transit. Yes, we pay attention to the weather too! If the weather is hot we upgrade all shipments to arrive for morning delivery. And if it’s really cold, we leave out those ice packs to make sure there are no freeze burns on your flowers.

We take pride in our company and our unique packaging capabilities. Each and every one of our flower packers is professionally trained and truly cares about the successful arrival of the beautiful flowers they work with on a daily basis. We stand by our product and have a very generous refund or reship policy because we are so confident in our shipping process.


2. I don’t know when the flowers should arrive.
When should the ship date be? How long will it take for the flowers to get here? When will they actually be delivered?

Some people completely rule out ordering wholesale flowers online because they think it’s just too complicated to get the flowers with such a sensitive timing window associated with weddings and special events. But it really is simple:   First, we recommend placing your order 2-3 weeks prior to the event, but you can place an order before 2pm Monday-Friday for same day shipping with delivery the next day. The ship date is the day the order ships out, and we recommend a ship date of 3 days before the event.  All flower orders are shipped Next Day, meaning they will arrive the day after the ship date.  Once the order has been shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number where you can check the location and status of your shipment. For example, for a Saturday wedding we recommend selecting a ship date of Wednesday, which means the flowers will arrive on Thursday. Once the delivery arrives, cut the flowers and place them in water. Let them hydrate overnight and then you can arrange on Friday!

3. I have no idea what kind of flowers to order, or how many, and I have no idea how to arrange them.

You may not be a professional, but that’s just fine – we are, and we’re here to help!  We have made DIY flowers easy for you. Check out the resources we have provided for you to answer all these questions. Our DIY Flowers 101 has lessons on how to prep, care for, transport, balance, and arrange the flowers. It also includes our useful Bouquet and Arrangement Flower Quantity table, which gives the number of stems you will need for various sized centerpieces, bouquets, mason jars, corsages, and boutonnieres. When it comes to arranging the flowers, our YouTube channel, Pinterest, and website have thousands of tutorials to give you step-by-step DIY flowers assistance. You can also contact us for a free consultation with your inspiration and we will make sure you get the flowers you want in the correct quantities. We can give you quotes, help you find the most cost effective flower options, tell you what flowers are in a bouquet you like, let you know how many bunches you will need to complete your arrangements, and answer any other questions you have!

4. I can’t buy wholesale flowers online without a resale license.

That doesn’t matter to us! All products on our site are available for delivery to anyone in the continental United States, with or without a license. That’s right, any member of the public can order wholesale flowers at!

5. I’ll have to buy a lot more flowers than I need.

People hear “wholesale” and immediately think “large quantities”. Most online wholesale flower companies offer their product in full box quantities, which often forces you to purchase at least 100 stems of the same flower. At Blooms by the Box, we offer our flowers, fillers, and greenery by the bunch or even by the stem. Bunches typically include 5-10 stems, depending on the variety, and most products include price breaks for multiple bunches. You can get a lot more flower variety and order the perfect quantities for your specific needs while still getting the right prices.


So, you can see, ordering wholesale flowers isn’t so scary after all! In fact, it’s a great way to have your dream wedding or event flowers while you stick to your budget!  In fact, many, many of our customers rave about the fun they have spending time with family and friends creating the bouquets and arrangements together.

If you still have doubts about ordering wholesale flowers online, call us!  Our Blooms staff can walk you through every aspect of planning, ordering and preparing your fresh cut wholesale flowers today!

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    Beautiful Box – it was just awesome.. I wish I could get such boxes by ordering from some where in India.

    sam martin

    your blog is really nice…..Flowers say you care. Flowers speak the language of the heart. Flowers are the best mode of communicating that love exists.

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That’s right! Anytime you place a wholesale flower order with BloomsByTheBox in September 2014 containing a  Wildflower Pack you can redeem 25 FREE 50cm Roses!  They will be added to the current order and shipped with your wildflowers. You can pick the rose color and everything!

Wildflower Pack Promotion

Here are the details:

To add 25 free 50cm roses to your Wildflower Pack order, just forward your order acknowledgement to at least two (2) days before your requested ship date.*Be sure to select a color preference from our In-Stock Rose options and include it in your email!

Offer limited to 25 free roses per customer.  Free roses must be shipped with associated order and cannot be shipped separately.  Only valid on orders received from Sep 1- Sep 30, 2014 that include at least one Wildflower Pack.  No other flowers may be substituted for free 50cm roses.Rose color based on availabilityon date of shipment and is subject to substitution.

* If order is placed within 2 days of ship date, call 1-855-BUY BLOOMS to redeem your free rose offer.

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Not only is this flower arrangement tutorial easy, but it is also inexpensive. Flower arrangements like this are perfect for casual weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, house parties, backyard barbecues, church functions, etc.

 All you need for this easy flower arrangement is:

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 1 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 2

Prepare your flowers. Remove the bottoms leaves from the stems and cut the desired height at a 45 degree angle.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 3

Use the scissors to cut the brick into a flattened cone shape that will fit in the bottom of your can/jar. It is easiest to start by cutting a square that is as long as the diameter of the can and then cutting the bottom corners of the square and shaving off some of the sides until the foam fits in the bottom.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 4

Gently drop the cut foam into the bucket of water. It will float at the top. DO NOT push the foam to the bottom of the bucket. Allow the foam to fill with water and sink itself.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 5

After the foam is fully submerged in the bucket of water, take it out and put it in your can/jar.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 6

Now begin to arrange the first layer of flowers. It is helpful to start at the center, using the taller of the pruned flowers.

Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 7

Add on a second layer of flowers, surrounding the first layer. Try to make sure each area has a good mix of all the different colored flowers.

 Easy Flower Arrangement Tutorial 8

Then use the remainder of the flowers to fill in all the gaps and open areas until the desired fullness is reached, making sure that each side of the arrangements is balanced in terms of color and size.

 Done! How easy was that?!

In this easy flower arrangement tutorial, we only used about 10 stems in this arrangement. So with 1 bunch of each flower, we could make 5-6 of these arrangements! Need to make a lot of small beautiful arrangements? Check out our DIY Event Flower packs and our wildflower packs. One pack can make up to 30 of these arrangements!

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We are SO excited to release our newest wedding flower pack! Now available on our site: The Bohemian DIY Wedding Flower Pack!

Bohemian DIY Wedding Flower PackBlooms by the Box Bohemian DIY Wedding Flower Pack

The boho theme is so popular right now and we are loving it! This DIY wedding flower pack is our take on this vibrant bohemian theme. The Bohemian DIY Wedding Flower Pack was designed with color, texture, and size in mind. So all guesswork is taken out for you! The quantities are also chosen to give you enough stems to make 10-12 full medium sized arrangements. Different combinations of arrangements you can make would be 5 bouquets and 5 centerpieces, 10 bouquets, 10 centerpieces, 18-20 small mason jar arrangements, 6-7 bouquets and 6-7 flower crowns, or any other variation of those options!

Excellent additions to this pack (and the bohemian wedding theme) would be assorted succulents, billy balls, solidago, and bright mini carnations.

Popular arrangements used in boho weddings are flower crowns, big bouquets, wood boxes, birch vases, and mason jars.

Check out where our inspiration came from and maybe you’ll be inspired yourself!


[Photo by Orange Turtle Photography. See the rest of the wedding on Ruffled]


[See the rest of the wedding on Clayton Austin]


[Seen on]


[From Carter and Cook Event Company]


[Photo by flutter glass Photography. See the rest of the wedding on The Sweetest Occasion]


[Photo by Sonya Khegay. See the rest of the shoot on Wedding Chicks]

Are you in love with this theme yet? Be sure to check out this new pack and let us know what you think!

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    Super wedding flowers, we are also florist and experts in wedding designs. You vase flower arrangement creativity will give us more opportunity to learn from here.

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Whether or not you have decided to take the budget route for your wedding, you have to see these statistics! Based on The Knot‘s most recent survey of 20,000 brides in the US, the national average wedding spend is $29,858 (excluding the honeymoon). If you think that is a lot, check out the averages for places in and around the NYC area! Those averages are a large percentage greater than the national average. (Good thing that’s where we offer free shipping!)


So what do all these numbers mean? Simply put, weddings are expensive. And they are the most expensive in places around the New York /New Jersey area. There are clear differences in weddings in these places compared to the rest of the US. More of The Knot’s statistics reveal that below:

  • Cost of Weddings: New York City (Manhattan) and Long Island have the highest average wedding spend ($86,916 and $57,343, respectively), and Utah and Idaho brides had the lowest average wedding spend ($16,816 and 16,159 respectively), excluding honeymoon.
  • Marriage Age: The NYC Outer Boroughs and Nevada have the oldest brides (33.1 and 32.3 years respectively), whereas Utah and West Texas have the youngest brides (25.7 and 26.7 years), on average.
  • Engagement Length: Idaho and Rhode Island brides have the longest engagements (21.8 and 20.3 months respectively), while brides in Wyoming and Utah have the shortest (10.5 and 10.6 months), on average.
  • Wedding Size: On average, Nebraska and Iowa brides have the largest number of wedding guests (222 and 195 respectively), and Nevada and Hawaii brides still have the smallest number of wedding guests (63 and 81).
  • Wedding Style: Savannah, GA, and Hawaii have the most casual weddings (41% and 38% respectively), while Manhattan and North/Central NJ had the most formal (black-tie) weddings (40% and 35% respectively).
  • Wedding Dress Spend: Brides in Manhattan and Long Island, NY, spend the most on their dresses ($3,027 and $2,160 respectively), while Alaskan and Oklahoman brides spend the least ($804 and $859 respectively).
  • Honeymoon: Couples from West Virginia (89%), Utah (88%) and Tennessee (88%) are most likely to book a honeymoon, while couples in Alaska and Nevada are still least likely to honeymoon (43% and 44% respectively).
  • Gift Registry: Brides in Iowa and Nebraska are the most likely to register for wedding gifts (98% and 97% respectively), while brides in Hawaii and Nevada are least likely to register (62% and 69% respectively).

Excerpt from The Knot 2013 Wedding Statistics

Formal themes and expensive dresses are found most by brides in the NYC area, making weddings in those places so expensive. So what is the solution for a budget bride located in one of the most expensive places to have a wedding?  Make more affordable, but still effectual, compromises on some areas of the wedding, such as the venue, theme, flowers, decor, bridesmaids, food, favors, honeymoon, stationary, etc. Read our post for a more detailed description on how to cut costs in those areas, creating a budget wedding for someone with expensive taste.

Photo and statistics taken from The Knot.

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Make a Colorful Bouquet - Tutorial

Picking flower colors and varieties is actually a pretty easy process with the help of BloomsByTheBox! This colorful bouquet was put together using the flowers in the BloomsByTheBox Mix and Match Rainbow Wildflower Pack. Wildflowers were all created with the rustic wedding theme in mind.

Step 1 Hydrate Flowers

Place an order for wholesale flowers online, receive your flower order 2 days before your wedding. when you receive the order hydrate the flowers. Want to learn how to hydrate and prep your flowers? Visit these online DIY flowers lessons to learn it all!  Once you are ready to arrange make sure you have your stemwrap, floral scissors, bouquet wrap material, and corsage pins.

Step 2 Create Floral Base step 3 Keep adding Layers

Start building your bouquet, each time you add a later of flowers, secure them using the stemwrap. Make sure you rotate the bright flowers to create a balance colorful bouquet! Once you have built a big enough bouquet and are satisfied with the shape, cut all the stems to the same length.
Step 4 cut the stems Step 5 Wrap the Stems with ribbon

Next, use any fabric or ribbon that you like to wrap the stems. Hold the very beginning in place with a corsage pin, insert the pin on a vertical angle to make sure the pin goes down with the stems and not out the back of the bouquet stems. Once you have wrap the stems hold the fabric in place by using the corsage pins again.Step 6 Pin the Wrap Down Step 7 -  finished wildflower bouquet

Once you are done with the bouquet wrap you will have a beautiful rustic color bouquet for your wedding! Purchase this color back of wildflowers to create up to 15 arrangements for under $350.00! If you have any comments or questions about this post please leave us a comment, we love to help you and answer questions!

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    Diana DeVito

    Hi Charlene, We have a few more questions before we can full answer your inquiry. Please email me at! So sorry for the delayed response!

    Charlene Strong

    I need 1 Bride bouquet 5 bridesmaid bouquets 1 jr bridesmaid 1 toss bouquet 8 boutonnieres and 5 corsages. I also need enough flowers to do 10 small centerpieces these are small I will have candles and other things on the table. How many flowers do I need? Thank u

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