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How to Make a Corsage
Have some fun and save some money this prom and wedding season!
Here is a simple photo tutorial on how to make a corsage for your wrist.

how to make a corsage 1

Here we used: 1 stem Rose Creme de la Creme, 1 stem peach Spray Rose, 1 stem peach Hypericum, and the Blooms DIY Corsage and Boutonniere Kit (includes wristlets, wire, pins, and stem wrap)

how to make a corsage 2

After pruning and cutting each stem, we wrapped the rose and spray roses with the stem wrap to have a more sturdy stem to work with.

how to make a corsage 3

We also took off two leaves from the rose stem to use as some extra greenery.

how to make a corsage 4

Now comes the fun. There is no formula to this part. It is just a matter of working with the different shapes of the flowers until you get the look you desire. We started by wrapping the rose and the hypericum together, with the hypericum sticking above the rose to make our piece taller.

how to make a corsage 5 how to make a corsage 6 how to make a corsage 7

Then we placed the spray roses in various directions, working around the shape of the rose so they all positioned in there nicely.

how to make a corsage 8

Because the spray roses were going in different directions, we wired around them around the wrapped rose with the hypericum.

how to make a corsage 9

Then we attached two of the leaves in opposite directions to hide some of the wire and tape. (This can be done with a floral adhesive and some kinds of hot glue)

how to make a corsage 10

The wristlet goes against the back of the wired piece.

how to make a corsage 11

The four prongs get bent down to form around the wired flower piece.

how to make a corsage 12

Now is when you can use ribbon to fill in the rest of the shape and cover a multitude of wrongs. Here we folded a piece of ribbon (about a yard long) multiple times and wired it around the wristlet. Other options are to pin the ribbon to the stems of flowers (that is what we did with the peach ribbon below), glue or tie the ribbon to the wristlet.

how to make a corsage 13

Cut the stems to an appropriate length.

how to make a corsage final

Add the rest of your ribbon or decorative pieces and you are done!

We would recommend making these the morning of or evening prior to the event (prom, wedding, etc.) They can be temporarily stored in the fridge until they need to be worn. We have corsage boxes that are used to store and transport your lovely DIY pieces!

Questions? Let us know!

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Do you ever wonder what to do with those leftover flowers from a big birthday arrangement or mothers day bouquet or funeral decorations? If you are one for getting the most out of your flowers, this tutorial is just for you! Throwing out flowers is such a painful experience for us, so little arrangements like this ease that pain in such a pretty way.

Have you ever tried putting shorter stemmed flowers in a small vase and just watching all the flowers fall to the outer edge of the glass? If you have , we know how to help. So here is a tutorial on how to make a small vase arrangement by making a tape grid!

All that is used here is:

  • a small vase (or a drinking glass)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • leftover flowers

First take the good, desired flowers and cut them down to the desired length (normally about 1-2 inches taller than the height of the vase). Remove any of the outer guard petals and leaves that do not look good.

Second cut a few pieces of tape, a little longer than the width of the vase (we cut the piece of tape in half length wise too). Align the pieces parallel across the vase and secure the edge down.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Third fasten some more tape perpendicular to the already stuck tape.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Fourth use three of the focal flowers, in this case- topaz roses, and put the stems through the center squares.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Fifth use the rest of your flowers (we used white alstromeria) to fill in the remainder of the tape grid.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

How easy was that?! Now you know what to do with those leftover flowers and you don’t have to waste your big flower arrangement AND you can keep a little beautiful arrangement on your desk for a longer lasting memory!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Who wouldn’t want to start their morning with this sweet sight and a nice cup of coffee?

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10 Ways to Use Babys Breath in Your Wedding, Baby Shower, Events, and more!

We heard people predicting that baby’s breath (gypsophilia) arrangements were going to get old fast. While some of you may agree, we certainly do not! There is a rustic wedding stigma that is put on baby’s breath. But this budget-friendly filler is a wedding rock star and one of our all-time faves! We’re sure you’ve come across a baby’s breath bouquet, boutonniere, or flower crown somewhere in your Pinterest journeys. So it’s time for you to see how our money-saving friend can be transformed into all different kinds of floral masterpieces.  Check out some of these fun ways to use babys breath below!

1. Baby’s breath garland
How pretty are these? We would put garlands around everything if we could. Put garland on or around anything and your decorations will be taken to the next level. The baby’s breath garland can add that romantic touch to a welcome board (like below), or the back of some chairs, around a table, etc.

ways to use babys breath garland ways to use babys breath garland 2
Photos by Larissa Cleveland Photography seen on Style Me Pretty

2. Baby’s breath pomander
Pomanders are always a fun way to add some shape into any decor. And baby’s breath pomanders always add a great blend of shape and texture. They are perfect for hanging, or you can put them on candle stick holders, and they add a special cuteness to the already adorable flower girl.

ways to use babys breath globe ways to use babys breath pomander
Photo (left) by Pat Furey Photography seen on Wedding Chicks, photo (right) by Melissa Schollaert seen on Southern Weddings

3. Baby’s breath for your hair
Can you see how the tiniest pieces of baby’s breath can add that rustic or elegant touch you need? These little sprigs, in a braid or an up-do, are easier and more subtle alternatives for a flower crown.

Ruffled - photo by - ways to use babys breath hair
Photo (left) by Parker Young seen on Ruffled, photo (right) by Tamika Lee Photography seen on Style Me Pretty

4. Baby’s breath monogram
Monograms are perfect decorations for all occasions- birthdays, baby showers, graduations, weddings, you name it! Put them on the back of a chair, hang them on the door, stand them on a table, you really can never go wrong with a monogram.

ways to use babys breath monograms
Tutorial from Hey Look featured on Ruffled

5. Baby’s breath wreath
These beauties can hang on your door all year. A baby’s breath wreath can be made festive for every holiday or event, just add ribbon!

ways to use babys breath wreath  ways to use babys breath wreath2
Photo (left) by Meg Perotti seen on Style Me Pretty and tutorial (right) from Two Delighted

6. Baby’s breath on a cake
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you would decorate a cake with something you can’t eat. But these cakes might help us understand. There little springs and large rings of baby’s breath are a delicate addition to a delicious dessert.

beach-themed-wedding-cake-03 mammoth-lakeside-wedding-104
Photo (left) by Chudleigh Weddings on Brides, photo (right) by Braedon Flynn on Ruffled

7. Mugs of baby’s breath
You have now been introduced to the easiest, cheapest, and cutest little floral arrangement accents. And it’s a total win-win because you can keep the pretty mugs and use them after the event! Or put something similar on a mantle at home and leave it up all year..

ways to use babys breath mugs
Photo by Bethany Small Photography on Wedding Chicks

8. Boxes of baby’s breath
The contrast of the white baby’s breath on wood is such a beautiful pair. Boxes, big or small, of baby’s breath can be used for holding name cards, table numbers, aligning an aisle, or just sitting around and looking pretty.

ways to use babys breath box ways to use babys breath box2
Photo (left) by  Kelsey Kradel Photography on Style Me Pretty, photo (right) by  Style.Art.Life on Style Me Pretty

9. Buckets of baby’s breath
Aluminum or tin buckets filled with baby’s breath are great for rustic or farm weddings, especially when they are outside. But they also look beautiful lining an aisle indoors.

ways babys breath bucket ways babys breath bucket2
Photo (left) by Kelsey DeWitt Photography on Style Me Pretty, photo (right) by  Jake & Necia Photography on Style Me Pretty

10. Barrels of baby’s breath
Yup, barrels too. The barrel baby’s breath arrangement is a larger combination of the bucket and the box. They make a beautiful start to any aisle, as seen below.

Photo by Shannon Brooks Photography found here

 Boxes and buckets and barrels, oh my! Talk about versatile. There are so many ways to use babys breath. This filler can be put just about anywhere at any time. In case you wanted a better idea of how much baby’s breath comes in a bunch, here is some more information to help you out. Questions about how to make some of these arrangements? Let us know!

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*****The winner of The Petal Count Challenge is announced at the end of this post*****

How many petals do I need for my wedding? There is a wide variety of ways you can use flower petals for your wedding. Some of the most common uses for petals is making  a trail down the aisle, filling a flower girl basket, or scattering petals across a table.
Freeze dried petals are pretty amazing. These beauties have quite the reputation. One of our favorite things about them is they can last up to a year! They are wonderfully fragrant, they do not wilt, they do not crumble, and they’re gorgeous. Freeze dried petals are also not limited to just roses, but we have different blends of lilac, peony, and hydrangea petals.

As you may know, The Petal Count Challenge ended on Tuesday. We wanted to help you better answer the question, how many petals do I need? So, in this challenge you had to guess the number of petals seen in the photo below. And, drum roll please…

how many flower petals do i need 800b

There were 3,351 petals in this photo! And yes, we counted every last one of them. This heart 43in wide and 32in tall. And we used a full two of the Assorted Pastel Blend FD Rose Petals. The petals come in quantities of 30 cups, so here we had about 60 cups. These very popular premium freeze dried rose petals are a blend of pastel ivory, peach, pinks, and apricot- perfect for spring time!

Check out the photos below and get to know these freeze dried petals a little better.

how many petals do i need scatter 800b
Here are about 2 cups/handfuls of petals scattered across a square yard.

how many petals do i need aisle
Here are 60 cups scattered more dense (about 1.5 yards wide and 4 yards long).

how many petals do i need flower girl baskeHere is a medium sized flower girl basket with 3 handfuls/cups filling it.

how many petals do i need bag
Here is 1 handful/cup in a corsage bag. These bags are perfect for giving to guest to toss in the air.

See our freeze dried petal FAQ if you have more questions! Or contact us and we can help you out.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We have a winner to announce! This person properly entered the contest by liking our Facebook page, sharing The Petal Challenge post, and commenting her guess. We are so impressed, our winner came only 4 petals shy of the correct total. That’s right, 4 petals.  A huge congratulations to


You are the winner of The Petal Count Challenge and recipient of a $50 Blooms By The Box gift card!

petal count challenge thank you

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*************VOTING IS CLOSED*************

The Petal Count Challenge

How many flower petals do I need for my wedding? This is a question we get a lot here at Blooms by the Box. This is also a difficult question to answer. There are a wide variety of ways you can use flower petals for your wedding. Some of the most common uses for petals are making a trail down the aisle, filling a flower girl basket, or scattering petals across a table. Some brides like more coverage, others like less. There is no exact formula to figure out how many petals you will need, but we are going to do our best to show you how much we used and the quantity of freeze dried petals it took to get us there. So to help answer this question for you, we came up with a fun contest! The Petal Count Challenge is a contest taking place on our Facebook page, where you have to guess the number of petals seen in the photo. ONLY COMMENTS POSTED ON FACEBOOK WILL BE COUNTED. See how to enter this contest below!

the petal count challenge 800

The petals featured in this photo are the Assorted Pastel Blend FD Rose Petals.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Each entrant must “Like” the Blooms By The Box Facebook page.
  2. Each entrant must “Share” the Blooms By The Box *The Petal Count Challenge* Facebook post.
  3. Each entrant must enter his/her numerical guess of the count of petals shown in the photo by commenting on the Blooms By The Box *The Petal Count Challenge* Facebook post.
  4. All entries must be received by 11:59AM EDT Tuesday, March 31.
  5. The first correct guess will be the winner.  If no correct guess is made, the first entry closest to the correct number without going over will be the winner.
  6. Only one entry per user Facebook account. In the event of multiple entries from a single account, only the first entry will be considered.
  7. Winner will be announced Thursday, April 2 on Facebook and the Blooms Blog. Winner will be notified via Facebook messenger.
  8. Winner will receive a $50 BloomsByTheBox credit good for the purchase of flowers and floral supplies sold by BloomsByTheBox. Unused credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Credit is valid until April 1, 2016.

Happy guessing! Check back on the blog next week for our winner and more details on our lovely flower petals! And yes, we did count every petal in this photo :)

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We are channeling the approach of wedding season with a new spring wedding bouquet recipe! We have caught spring fever and we are ready for the weddings to come this season!

Brace yourself for the most gorgeous Georgia wedding, beautifully captured by Alea Moore Photography and seen on Style Me Pretty. Set at the lovely Cloverleaf Farm, this wedding is all types of rustic combined with all things romantic, with J.Crew loveliness and beautiful flowers from Gardenia Floral Design. The bouquets are everything you could possibly want in a spring wedding. The navy, peach, and pink color combo is never shy of stunning, and this wedding is proof of that. And we loved it so much that we wanted to give you a simple spring wedding bouquet recipe to show you how to make a bouquet just like this one seen below!

georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe

Here is a list of what you need:
Garden Rose Bridal Piano                     Anemone White                     Large Hydrangea White


Rose Peach 50cm                     Seeded Eucalyptus

Peach Versilla Rose - 25 Stems              Seeded-Eucalyptus

Floratape Stem Wrap                     Floral Scissors                     Ribbon/Bouquet Wrap                    Corsage Pins

Making the Bouquet
(Note: To make one bouquet this size, one bunch of each flower will be enough and there will be some stems left over.)

1. After hydrating your flowers, prep them by removing the foliage. Lay them in front of you to make them easily assessable for design.
2. Starting with hydrangea, begin to incorporate 1 stem of each kind of flower by nestling them between the hydrangea blooms. Create yourself a round shape and then secure your first layer with the floral tape.
3. Add additional stems of each type of flower, again starting with the hydrangea, incorporate your other flowers into the hydrangea blooms nestling them so you can see the hydrangea peak through. Follow by securing each additional section with floral tape.
4. Continue this step over and over until the desired shape is reached. Once you achieve the shape you like, tuck sprigs of seeded eucalyptus into your bouquet for that added touch of texture and color. Follow with one more wrap of floral tape to secure.
5. Wrap the stems with your choice of ribbon around the bouquet until no more floral tape is showing.
6. Use the corsage pins to secure the ribbon in place.
(Here is one of our step-by-step flower photo tutorials for more bouquet assistance.)


See the full wedding, all it’s lovely details, and the amazing work of Alea Moore Photography here on Style Me Pretty.

 georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe invitation georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe table georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe couple2 georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe cake georgia spring wedding bouquet recipe bm

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