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Dahlia SALE


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Dahlia SALE
August 2016

The only thing better than dahlias themselves is dahlias ON SALE! It is so much easier to love things more when they are cheaper. And if you agree, this dahlia sale will have you head-over-heels and you will be partying with us all August!

dahlias 2500

One of the things we love about dahlias is that their size, shape, and color are unpredictable. No two blooms are the same. That probably doesn’t sound like a flower quality to love. But because their beauty never disappoints, the difference in bloom diameter, lack of a stamen, or shade of red does not matter.

So take a look at the wide variety of shapes and sizes in these dahlia head shots!

bright red dahlia

pink dahlia sale

burgundy dahlia sale

white dahlia sale

orange dahlia sale

purple dahlia sale

And for those of you looking for dark colored flowers, prepare to be amazed. The Chocolate dahlias are incredible. There is no exaggeration that they are near black with the smallest hint of burgundy on the outer petals.

chocolate dahlia sale

Stay tuned for some easy tricks and tutorials for arrangements you can make with these pretty blooms! Shop now and join in on the Dahlia SALE fun!

Sale runs from August 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016.

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    Yup flowers

    Beautiful flowers, literally we can say flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature in the world, when we see flowers we can’t imagine the creativity of god!!!

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Easy Steps for Making a Small Hydrangea Centerpiece

If you need a pretty (but cheap) centerpiece for a shower, party, or wedding- this pretty arrangement is perfect for you! While the simple 1 stem hydrangea centerpiece or mason jar full of roses is cute and never disappoints- here is a way of putting those together to make small hydrangea centerpiece that can really stand out on the table!

how to make a small hydrangea centerpiece - the flowers3 || Read more

Most Recent Comments:
    Alana Meccia

    Thanks, Chloe! This bubble vase has a 3.5″ diameter opening and it is 5″ tall.


    I love this tutorial. What size bubble vase are you using?

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How to Make a Pink Wedding Bouquet

We have tutorial for you on how to make a pink wedding bouquet using our Blooms Classy Thinkin’ Pink Wildflower Pack! This pack is PERFECT for a romantic outdoor rustic wedding. Shades of pink can be substituted for flowers with different color options.


How gorgeous are these blooms?!


We started with a 3 stem triangular base using one stem of pink larkspur, white stock, and astillbe. The 3 stems with tightly wrapped with a 6 inch piece of stem wrap.


Then we added one stem of hot pink spray roses, hot pink matsumoto asters, and a pompon daisy.


This is our next layer with more additions of each of the bigger bloomed flowers. This will be the center of the bouquet.


Here is the bulk of the bouquet being wrapped. The good thing about wildflower bouquets is they can be formed into a round bouquet shape or they can have the scattered look with different fillers popping out. We did a combination of both shapes with this bouquet.


The bouquet was lined with the astillbe and then with the variegated pittosporum.


Cut the stems at the desired length. Remember- you can always cut them shorter, so start just by making them even.


We used some striped washi tape to cover the floratape and wrap our bouquet.


And there it is! The astillbe sticking up really adds to the look of this wildflower bouquet. Now you’ve learned how to make a pink wedding bouquet! With this wildflower pack you can make 5 of these bouquets or 10-12 medium sized centerpieces. All the guess work is taken out for you and we are here to help with any other questions you may have!

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July is Wildflower Month! Care to celebrate with us? We are offering a sale on ALL Wildflower Packs purchased in the month of July. So that means all of our July, August, and September brides and party planners can take advantage of this rockin’ sale!

July SALE banner
Aside from getting the most bang for your buck, one of the reasons our Wildflower Packs are so popular is because all of the guess work is taken out for you! Each pack is specially designed with texture and style in mind. Many packs have customizable aspects where you can choose the color or shade of certain blooms. In the description of each pack you will find how many arrangements can be made from one of the packs. If you are not convinced that these packs are for you, check out two of our favorites below!

The Blooms Mix & Match Wildflower Pack is the best choice for bright multicolored arrangements. There are different color options for each of the blooms so you can mix and match your color scheme!

July is Wildflower Month (Rainbow Mix and Match)-Wildflower-Pack

This pack can make 10-12 of these full mason jar arrangements.


Or use this pack to make about 8 bouquets. Check out this DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Colorful Bouquet.

Wildflower Bouquet

The Blooms Enchanted Meadow Wildflower Pack is our white and yellow rustic wildflower pack. We LOVE yellow and white wedding flowers for so many reasons. The yellow works as a great focal color, a contrasting accent color, it fits any theme, and there are so many flowers that come in yellow!

July is Wildflower Month (Enchanted Meadow) Wildflower Pack

Here is a tutorial for now to use this pack and create the prettiest little bud vase arrangements!

Step 6 - Simple Version Yellow Wildflower Centerpiece

Below is another tutorial using this pack for making a bouquet.


And here is a tutorial for making matching boutonnieres with this pack!

Yellow-Wildflower-Boutonierre with-Text

July is Wildflower Month! Will you celebrate with us? Shop our selection of wildflower packs and we will keep sending you some of our favorite tutorials and arrangements from these amazing packs!

Call us with questions!

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wildflower bouquet 2000

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, wildflowers are SO budget friendly! This tutorial on how to make a wildflower bouquet is your money saving trick for some gorgeous wedding flowers! A bouquet is the perfect floral accent for a boho wedding, a bright outdoor farm wedding, or anything in between.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - flowers 1000

So here we have some of our favorite novelty bunches! From left to right we have purple statice, orange safflower, purple limonium, billy balls, solidagobupleurum, blue cornflower, thistle, pink sweetheart roses, white sweetheart roses, pink dianthus, and pink astillbe.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - flowers cut 1000

We started of by trimming and pruning all the stems. If you’re thinking that it looks like a lot of stems there, you’re right! We did not use all of these stems for the bouquet. About 3 stems of each bunch were used.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - first bunch 1000

Here is our first bunch. We used this as the center of our bouquet and wrapped it in a little bit of floratape stem wrap so we had a base that wasn’t falling apart.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - first bunch additions 1000

The technique for making a wildflower bouquet is very simple and flexible. It’s just a matter of turning the bunch and adding more stems. Shape is less important in wildflower bouquets, each of the stems are usually poking out at different lengths. With all the different color blooms, make sure there is a nice balance of color in each section.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - second bunch 1000

This is our second bunch after some more additions of bigger and brighter blooms. Another layer of floratape is not necessary, but can be added. The reason it’s not necessary is because you will probably end up pulling out some blooms or adjusting their positions.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - third bunch 1000

Above is our third bunch. Most of the big and bright blooms are added and working to make a triangular shape.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - last bunch 1000

We used fillers and the bupleurum to stick out and line the edges of the bouquet. Then once they were in a good position, the bouquet was wrapped with floratape. For wrapping wildflower bouquets the stem wrap can be very narrow, instead of wrapping the majority of the stems, this allows the stems to stick out in different directions on the bottom.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - final

It’s gorgeous AND so unbelievably inexpensive. One bunch of each of the blooms listed above could give you 4+ of these bouquets. Now that is a deal. Let us know if you have questions on how to make a wildflower bouquet!

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*******************GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*******************

It’s time for another fun giveaway! Get ready for our first Instagram Giveaway. We are giving one lucky winner a $50 Blooms Flower Card. Woo woo! This giveaway will take place on Instagram. The giveaway will run from Tuesday, June 2nd at 12pm EDT to Tuesday, June 9th at 11:59am EDT. See the details below on how to enter.

Follow these steps to be entered to win our Instagram Giveaway:

1. Follow @bloomsbythebox on Instagram

instagram giveaway page

2. Go to the photo below on our Instagram account

instagram giveaway

3. Tag 2 friends in the comment section on the photo above
instagram giveaway tags

And then you are entered to win a $50 Blooms Flower Card! Hooray!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Each entrant must “Follow” @bloomsbythebox on Instagram
  2. Each entrant must tag 2 friends in the comment section on the contest photo.
  4. All entries must be received by 11:59AM EDT Tuesday, June 9.
  5. Winner will be randomly selected from all entries on the contest photo.
  6. Winner will be announced Thursday, June 11 on Instagram and Facebook. Winner will be notified via Instagram direct message.
  7. Winner will receive a $50 Blooms Flower Card good for the purchase of flowers and floral supplies sold by BloomsByTheBox. Unused credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Credit is valid until June 9, 2016.

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