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Creating mismatched, vintage/antique DIY wedding centerpieces is a popular option for modern day budget weddings. You often see beautiful mixes of blue glass, amber glass, medicine bottles, and hobnail vases with lush greenery and flowers in romantic styled weddings. Both traditional antiquing and internet antiquing coupled together will help you hunt down best prices and offerings! Pair these your vintage/ antique vases with wholesale flowers will help you come in budget! Photo by Linda Chaja Photography featured on Style Me Pretty.

Antiquing for DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Vintage/ Antique Blue Hobnail Vase

There are a couple different reasons that antiquing could be attractive to you:

1. Grab aunts, grandmothers, and future in-laws to do some vase hunting. This is a great way to start the integration of your two families. Bringing a mother in-law/future relatives with your family can help begin the bonding process. Antiquing can promote nostalgic memories from childhood that remind people of the importance of family relationships . The nostalgic atmosphere is the perfect place to create new memories and family connections.

Internet Antiquing for Weddings

Blue Hobnail Vase on Ebay – Internet Antiquing

2. You can supplement your antiquing trip with some internet antiquing. After you have found a number of pieces in your family and friend trip you can search the internet. This way there wont be as much pressure for your family outing and you can always find more when you get home.

Amber Glass from

Amber Glass from

3. Mix and match vases create a textured look that fits into a romantic wedding theme. The ability to mix different vase types together will also save your wallet. You will gain flexibility that allows you select vases at a good price rather than something that matches perfectly with the other vases! Small sets of vases like the amber glass above will provide some consistency with a couple other “sets”.

Some other favorite resources for vintage and antique DIY flower containers include,,,, and or course all your local antique stores! Please comment and let us know where you are finding your vintage vases!


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The “DIY Flower Inspiration Board” is designed to simplify sampling flower combinations and sharing designs with family and friends.  To celebrate its launch, BloomsByTheBox is hosting “The 2014 Great Inspirations DIY Wedding Flowers Giveaway” during March and April 2014.  The grand prize winner will turn his or her wedding inspiration into $300 worth of purchases at  A second place winner will also be chosen to receive a $75 purchase.  Be sure to read “How To Enter” and “Rules” before submitting your entry!

We are excited to continue the BloomsByTheBox “DIY+ Deluxe Support” available to customers. Each and every DIY’er deserves the professional support and direction they would get with a florist. We are proud to offer an abundance of resources that make DIY flowers a creative adventure and not a burdensome task. In addition to our new DIY Flower Inspiration board tool, you should take advantage of our DIY Guide to Wedding Flowers, online DIY Flower 101 lessons, video tutorial workshop, inspiration gallery, DIY Flower Tutorials Collection on Pinterest, and top notch customer service and planning support (live chat today).

DIY Wedding Flower Giveaway

HOW TO ENTER: Share Your DIY Flower Inspiration & WIN!
Go to, create a DIY Flower Inspiration Board and submit it to WIN! The submit button is located right under your finished inspiration board, just hit submit!

Blooms will accept entries until Sunday March 30th. On Monday March 31st, all valid entries will be posted  on the Blooms Facebook Page, and the Inspiration Board receiving the most “Likes” by  SUNDAY April 13th will win $300.00 towards your BloomsByTheBox DIY wedding flowers. A second place winner will receive $75.00 to spend with BloomsByTheBox.

Rules & Regulations:
1. All entries must be received by 11:59 Sunday, March 30.
2. Only one entry per Blooms user account.
3. You may share your inspiration board from our Facebook page to get likes! This will help you friends locate your board and vote.
4. All entries will be posted on BloomsByTheBox Facebook page on Monday, March 31. The Inspiration Board image with the highest number of FB “Likes” by Sunday, April 13 will be the Grand Prize winner. The second-highest number of FB Likes will receive the 2nd place prize.
5. In the event of a tie, BloomsByTheBox will randomly select first and second place winners from tying entries.
6. Winners will be announced Monday, April 14. Winners will be notified via email using the contact information on the Blooms user account. Winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and BloomsBlog.
7. Grand Prize: Winner will receive a $300 BloomsByTheBox credit good for the purchase of flowers and floral supplies sold by BloomsByTheBox. Unused credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Credit is valid until April 14, 2015.
8. Second Prize: Winner will receive a $75 BloomsByTheBox credit good for the purchase of flowers and floral supplies sold by BloomsByTheBox. Unused credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Credit is valid until April 14, 2015.

Demo: How to Use the Blooms’ DIY Flower Inspiration Boards…

Post a comment with any questions you may have! We wish you the best of luck! We are so excited to see your DIY Flower Inspiration Boards.

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Make Your Own Flower Hair Clips

Do you plan on putting flowers in your hair on your wedding day? Learn how to make your own flower hair clips in this video.  Even though there are many ways you can include flowers in your wedding day hair, we suggest keeping it minimalistic. In this video, we make a simple floral design that can be used with any hair style. Keep in mind that you can use any of your favorite hair accessories to make a floral design. Use a headband, a comb pin, a barrette, or a clip. Try to use something with a surface that can act as the base of the floral design.

What you Need: A focal flower, a filler flower, greens, floral adhesive, floral scissors and your hair accessory.

After learning how to make your own flower hair clips do you feel that you may want to also make centerpieces, bouquets, or other arrangements? Make sure to visit the BloomsByTheBox YouTube channel to learn how to make all the arrangements you need for your wedding or events.

Most Recent Comments:
    Diana DeVito

    You should put together the floral hair clips as close to the wedding as possible. As long as your flowers are hydrated before and stored outside of any direct sunlight/draft they will last up to 48 hours. Using Crowning Glory Clear Solution finishing spray will allow the flowers to hold moisture longer! Thank you for reading!

    Michelle Yip

    After the headpiece is made, do I have to spray water to keep it hydrated? Normally how many days it can keep fresh, as for headpiece I am not able to let stem take up water again. Thanks for the advice.

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