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This month’s featured DIY bride and winner of a $100 American Express Gift Card is Rachael. Her rustic, vintage-themed wedding was absolutely gorgeous – and the flowers are simply stunning! All of these beautiful moments were captured by Marcus Bierbaum Photography. Check out the full photo spread here!

“…I would like you know that the flowers that we received were perfect! …The instructions were very clear and we were able to make amazing bouquets for my bridal party.  They were also a blast to make!” ~ Rachael, DIY bride

DIY Bouquets - BloomsByTheBox - Marcy Bierlanm Photo


Rachael’s bouquets included several types of garden roses. The Garden Rose Miranda is a pink rose with frilled inner petals. As a large, fluffy rose, it works wonderfully in bouquets. Garden Rose O’Hara Light Pink is the paler pink rose, which adds romantic yet sophisticated texture. The Garden Rose O’Hara White is a classic white garden rose with a large, elegant bloom.


Rachael used Eskimo White and Versilia Peach roses to accentuate the main garden roses and to add color. As filler flowers, the bouquets include white lisianthus, white hydrangea to make up a beautiful variety. Dianthus, green hypericum and lotus pods (purchase these at your local craft store) add a touch of whimsy.


To add to the rustic feel, the bouquets were wrapped  in burlap ribbon. Rachael added a  touch of silky white ribbon to her own.


Did we mention they got married in a barn?! The couple actually restored the floors, built stairs and cleaned out the hay themselves!


What are your thoughts on this lovely wedding?

Want a chance to win a $100 American Express Gift Card like Rachael? Send your professional wedding photos of your Blooms By The Box DIY flowers to AND write a review on wedding wire and you will be entered to win!

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Congratulations to Kim and Kanye on their little miracle! Here at Blooms By The Box, we talk a lot about weddings, but in reality, there are so many different events that require flowers! Check out this white and garden-themed baby shower – so many of the arrangements would be easy DIY projects! All photos are courtesy of WomenStyles.


For the centerpieces, Kim played into the recent trend of one-flower-variety arrangements, which is super simple to replicate on your own. One type of flower in a vase in not only easy to make but extremely classy. White peonies, roses and tulips created a simple, elegant feel that you can make on a budget.


Kim’s most treasured guests received floral head wreaths made with gypsophilia (baby’s breath) and white wax flower. These fluffy, long stemmed filler flowers are easy to use and create a light, ethereal look. Simple wiring techniques make these floral headbands an easy DIY project – great for flower girls, bridesmaids, or simple decoration!


Check out the preparation for Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. The roses you see here are packaged the same as when you receive them from BloomsByTheBox, directly out of the wholesale market,. They are fresh and of premium quality, just as a florist would receive them for a celebrity event like this one. Notice they’re clipping the stems and immediately putting the roses in buckets of water to keep them properly hydrated.


What a gorgeous arrangement of cream and pale yellow roses! Blocks of floral foam make it easy to create large, shaped arrangements. Flower lengths can be adjusted without cutting more stems, so it’s much easier than a regular vase arrangement.

We think Kim’s flower choices were charming – what do you think?

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Many times DIY couples are afraid to put together their own flower arrangements because they are worried that the mechanical work in centerpieces will be too difficult. But, this is super simple. Learn how to make rustic centerpieces by using tape to form a grid for perfect mason jar centerpieces. This is a very simple method to help you achieve professional looking yet simple arrangements. And anyone can do it! This arrangement is easy to make, does not require a lot of flowers, features inexpensive flower varieties, and takes less than than other arrangement types. It’s a win all the way around!

1 Tools and Container

4 Finish Tape Grid

5 Add Stock

6 Add Larkspur

7 Add Tulips

8 Add Spray Roses

9 Add Ranunculus

10 Final Look

Step by Step:

1. Gather mason jars, floral tape, scissors, and flowers. This arrangement features pink ranunculus, purple tulips, yellow spray roses, pink larkspur, and fuchsia stock. Use bright and saturated colors to make this summery bold look.

3. Make sure all your flowers are properly hydrated, also add clean water and flower food to the mason jar. Especially if you are having an outdoor summer event! Keep your flowers looking fresh where there is not air conditioning.

2. Use the waterproof green floral tape to create a grid pattern at the top of the vase. Make sure the tape is not spilling over the edges of the vase. Your goal will be to cover the grid with flowers.

3. Use the grid to place a tall flower, like larkspur, at the center that will act as the highest point in a triangular shaped arrangement. Then use another tall and full flower like stock to radiate out from the center in a triangular shape.

4. After the initial shape is made with your taller flowers start filling in the spaces with focal flowers that add shape and texture like spray roses, ranunculus, and tulips.

5. Turn the arrangement and add flowers until you are happy with the result!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in them comments! We are here to help and we love your feedback! Is there anything you are dying to know how to make? POST A COMMENT and we will make it happen!

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    Diana DeVito

    About 3 stems of the smaller flowers and 2 stems of the large flowers like stock! Thank you for stopping in :)


    I’m thinking of trying something similar for my upcoming wedding and was hoping to find out approximately how many of each flower was used in the centerpiece shown above.. these are great! Thanks!

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DIY flowers are not just for weddings on a budget, but for other events like big backyard graduation parties.  Our customer, Olivia D., ordered flowers from BloomsByTheBox and was kind enough to share her DIY experience with us. She ordered flowers for her graduation celebration and prepared to arrange her flowers using our online resources, like the DIY Flowers 101 lesson series.  Olivia told me, “When I first heard about DIY’ing flowers for an event, I was a little nervous and thought I would never be able to pull it off. It turns out I was wrong! Not only did the flowers come out amazing, I actually enjoyed putting the arrangements together!”


Olivia decided to use mason jars to go with her wildflower-rustic theme. Her flower arrangements were simple. She used yellow spider mums, green pompom buttons, yellow pompom daisies, silver dollar eucalyptus, purple stock, deep pink stock, hot pink spray roses and purple matsumoto asters. These bright and punchy colors really stood out at her summer event!


When we asked Olivia for some advice to give to others looking to DIY she said, “I learned  that it does take a couple hours to prep and arrange the flowers, it is not something you can pull off in an hour. Give yourself enough time for prepping the flowers. I see now that re-hydrating is key, the flowers perked up almost instantly after re-hydrating them. They just need some water after the transit time in the box.”


We also wanted to know what the highlights of using wholesale flowers, she responded, “It was awesome when my guests came over and said, ‘Wow, what beautiful flowers, who made them?’ Instead of saying a florist name, it was pretty sweet that I replied, ‘I did!’”


Not only can Olivia DIY flowers, so can you! It is easy, affordable and the flowers come right to your door! Make your backyard gathering, event or wedding more personal and DIY your flowers!

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Here at Blooms By The Box, one of the most frequently asked and most important questions for a DIY’er is “how many flowers should I order?”. Why so important? Obviously you don’t want to run out of flowers for your project, but who really wants to order too much and waste money? So much of flower arranging is approximation, but Blooms By The Box has created these guidelines and a flower quantity chart to help you achieve flower perfection!

Let’s start off with the biggest flowers. Remember: bigger flowers take up more space, so you can buy less. This is often a great way to create full-looking arrangements and save money.

Hydrangea was recently featured in a post on Weddingbells. Blooms By The Box is absolutely in love with this trend! The article also features pictures of peony and rose bouquets, which we will discuss in a moment. Not only are these “monobotanical” bouquets gorgeous, they work out perfectly for our DIY brides! Just look at this easy yet elegant blue hydrangea bouquet from Sugar and Art, perfectly captured by photographer Katie Stoops.

hydrangea bouquet kstoops

So how much do you need for a hydrangea bouquet or arrangement? For a small arrangement, use 2-3 stems. Medium (like the one pictured), up the dosage to 4-5 stems. For a large bouquet, 6-8 stems is your answer.

Another extremely popular flower with a large bloom is the peony. Peonies are exceptionally great in DIY arrangements because they look wonderful in every stage of growth, from bud to bloom.  Be Chic just featured 5 different bouquets with peonies on their “Top 10 Summertime Bridal Bouquets of 2013″, 3 of which were made with only peonies. 5 out of 10 is pretty impressive for one flower! Notice that these delightfully fluffy peonies, photographed by One Love Photography, range from partially to fully opened.


A large peony bridal bouquet like this one would require 10-12 peonies. Bridesmaids could carry medium bouquets of 6-8 stems, and you might want to give your flower girl a small bouquet of 3-4 stems. These quantities can always be adjusted for your individual preferences. Don’t forget the greens!

Are peonies going to be out of season during your wedding, or too expensive for your budget? Have no fear – we have the perfect substitution – garden roses! They have the same round bloom with slightly fluffy petals. Even when peonies are in season (November thru July), garden roses convey a romantic, sophisticated vibe. They also come in quite a few more colors.


These garden roses, featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Carla Ten Eyck Photography are a bright and summery choice for any bridal bouquet. To make a large bouquet like this with only garden roses, use 10-12 garden roses. 8 or 9 blooms would make a medium bouquet, and 3-4 garden roses would make a small bouquet.

Looking for more help with your arrangements? Click on the picture below to check out our complete quantity chart on!

Flower Quantity Chart

Have more great ideas and tips for DIY arrangements? Let us know!

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    RJ Carbone

    Peonies are really to die for. They make such a wonderful bouquet, but if you DIY, budget may make them an issue, and as you say, there’s nothing wrong with garden roses, plus you can be a lot more creative with them. Great article!


    Thanks for the post! I am going to do my flowers for my wedding this fall to try and save some money. I was wondering how I was going to figure out how many flowers that I was going to need so that I wouldn’t over buy. Thanks again!

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As a bride, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important and defining decisions is your flower scheme. The idea of DIY’ing your flowers may be daunting, but Blooms By The Box is here with plenty of resources and help! In reality, DIY is all about having fun and getting personal! In that spirit, we have come up with a list of 8 of the benefits of arranging your own flowers, some of which you may not even have known about.

1. You can win a $100 American Express Gift Card! Most of you are DIY’ing your wedding flowers so that you can save money, and we are certainly sure that getting $100 back doesn’t sound so bad. We will be drawing a winner on the 30th of each month! Winners will receive an email notification.

Submit photos of your DIY Flowers from a professional photographer to be eligible to win. You can email the photos to (Diana (at) or submit them here (Don’t forget to enter your email in the photo submission) OR Post a review to Wedding Wire or Project Wedding and email us a link in order to enter. Email the link to Diana (at)

2. You Save Money. When you order wholesale flowers online you are saving money by becoming your own personal florist. You are getting all the flowers you need to make bouquets, centerpiece, corsages, and boutonnieres at a fraction of the cost when you by pass the florist. Don’t forget decorations for your ceremony! The photo credit for this lovely aisle decoration goes to The Nickersons.


3. You Get to Tailor The Look to Your Personal Taste. DIY’ing your flowers means it’s all about you! You choose the flowers, colors, textures, and accessories. There are hundreds of different options, and Blooms By The Box is there is help you achieve your dream flowers! This trendy bouquet, photographed by Caitlin Thomas Photography, uses succulents and eucalyptus for a fresh and sophisticated look.


4. Styles Are Trending in Favor of DIY. Whimsical is in, which often incorporates uneven lines and shapes – particularly in bouquets. You’ll notice in the picture below that the bouquet, photographed by Laura Murray Photography and featured on One Hitched Lane is far from perfectly round, yet still breath-taking! It features ranunculus, mini cala lilies and stock.

whimsical bouquet

The rustic look is also extremely popular right now. What could be simpler than throwing some wildflowers in a mason jar? It’s so simple, and yet the effect is romantic and personal. Check out these rustic vintage centerpieces featured on Wedding Chicks with photo credits to Alea Lovely.


5. You Get a Great Selection of Flowers. When you DIY with Blooms By The Box, you get a large selection of flowers to mix, match, and play around with. Blooms consultants are ready and available to help you select the best options for your needs. While a florist may add their own personal touch, in this case, you get to add yours.

6. You Spend Time With the People You Care About. DIY’ing your flowers is a fun project, and it is guaranteed to bring people together. Have a flower-arranging party with your bridesmaids, your mom and maybe even your future mother-in-law is a wonderful way to tighten old relationships and forge new ones.

7. You Place the Focus on Your Marriage,Not Your Money. Arranging your own flowers is the perfect way to draw attention away from materialism, and onto you and your intended. Personalized flowers, carefully planned and arranged, add a wonderful note of sincerity. It is so important to add a touch of personality and meaning in every aspect of your wedding.

bridegroomflowersThis beautiful photo is credited to Opiefoto Photography Studios.

8.You Get Lots of Help! Whether it’s from an online picture tutorial or a personal conversation with a Blooms By The Box flower expert, there are tons of resources at your disposal! Check out this tutorial for gorgeous and simple peony centerpieces, featured on Style Me Pretty Living. You’ll notice that there are six different arrangement options, all inspired by one type of flower.

peony arrangement

Whatever your style, DIY’ing your flowers is the key to seeing it through! For more tips and inspiration, visit and start creating! What are your dream wedding flowers?

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