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Order our beautiful wholesale succulents anytime in April and get 10% off! We understand that succulents are a higher priced specialty flower and it may be hard to fit them into your budget. In an effort to make this popular specialty item more affordable for spring and summer weddings we marked them down an additional 10%! Place your order anytime in April and get your discount! Remember the price will go up on May 1st so place your order as soon as possible!

wholesale flowers

Here are some looks that may inspire you to use succulents in your wedding or event arrangements. Click on each photo to see the full weddings!

Succulent Centerpiece

This centerpiece is featured on Style Me Pretty and captured by Jose Villa Photography! The rustic elements of the wood and succulents combined with a silver antique vase create a classic design with pops of modern edge. The colors and naturalistic elements inspired by this design are very popular, most of the time including succulents.

Succulent centerpiece 3

This design is much more cool and calm. Also on Style Me Pretty and shot by JennaBeth Photography. The inclusion of white, pale greens, lavender, and purple relays a message of tranquility.  The succulent is a very versatile flower with many perks to be offered. You can use it in many different ways and with many different color schemes.

If you feel that some of these designs are too difficult to use for inspiration you can try something more simple like this one feature on Style Me Pretty and captured by Hannah Persson Photo:

Succulent Centerpiece 4

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Nature doesn’t really care what we want and most of the time does not produce flowers in the exact colors of our wedding schemes! Well, that’s okay because now there is a way to have flowers that match your wedding colors, just use floral sprays and dyes. The most popular wedding flower colors for the up coming seasons are available in sprays now. And later in the post, read about how to use floral spray.

Our coveted favorite is the mint/pale green color craze. Mint weddings exploded in popularity because the soothing color is perfect for so many personality types. It is also great because it is a gender neutral color and seems to be a favorite of the groom as well. There are not many flowers are that come in shades even close to mint, so it may be a great option to spray some white flowers this dainty color.

Prairie Grass Floral Spray

Mint Wedding Scheme

Another trendy color for this wedding season is coral. The punchy color is perfect for couples with bold personality.  Coral flowers, however, are extremely hard to come by in all seasons. Using floral dye will help you save money because specialty color flowers can also be much more expensive. Dying flowers is a great alternative for those on a budget.

Coral Foral Spray

Coral Wedding Bouquet

 Next color up to bat, the lovely pale peach. Peach, mint, grays, and pastels have contributed to the muted soothing color trends in recent weddings. Pale peach has a way of being soothing, elegant, romantic, and passionate all at the same time. Peach is a statement color that can also be a hard find when it comes to flower shapes and sizes desired, this is where peach floral spray comes in handy.

Osiana Peach Design Floral Spray

Peach Wedding bouquet

Last but not least, the ever popular gold. Gold has been a powerful color in conveying elegance, romance, and status. With strong meaning it is easy to use as an accent color in any wedding scheme. It has been popularly used on greens and fillers in bouquets and arrangements like the example below.

Pure Gold Floral Spray

Gold sprayed Eucalyptus

 Using floral spray is easy and will produce the results you would like as you get to customize the application to your liking. You should always spray one flower at a time to create a more natural look. Always hold the spray can at least 6-8 inches from the flower during application.  Use a couple flowers as tests, you will need to practice on a couple blooms before you get the most natural look and rhythm practiced. You may have to do a couple layers to get the exact color you are looking for, allow the coats to dry before applying a second coat to prevent dripping or streaky colors.

Other colors that are popular floral sprays include teal, pale pink, pale blue, deep blue, and silver. What colors would you want to use?

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    How do you make the color mint green out of the available foral sprays? Because as far as I can tell, none of them come close to a true mint green color.

    Diana DeVito

    The can be sprayed with floral spray and they will not wilt! All you need to do is make sure they are fully re-hydrated before spraying them!

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4 comments would love to treat you with a Blooms best seller, our premier DIY Wedding Supply Kit.  The pack includes floral scissors, 10oz aquaplus floral preservative, crowning glory finishing spray, 4 rolls of stem wrap, and corsage pins. Each of these items are essential to doing your own wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Supply Kit

Floral Scissors are key, they have sharp jagged edges that slice through the stems without crushing them and fraying them. They are professionally designed to keep stems in tact for hydration while regular kitchen scissors without these ridges crushes stems and can shorten the vase life of flowers.

The 10oz aquaplus powder is a floral preservative and food that will greatly increase the vase life of your wholesale flowers. This floral food balances the pH levels in that water and reduces bacteria buildup for maximum vase life. This 10oz container contains enough powder to treat approximately 28 medium arrangements. This is especially helpful with flowers that have been dry shipped and need to be re-hydrated

The floraltape stem wrap is a must have for making bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages! Floral tape is a green tape that when stretched or pulled tight sticks to itself. It blends with flower stems and will be the mechanical tool that holds together your bouquets and boutonnieres.

OUR TOP SELLER! 32oz Crowing Glory Spray slows the deterioration and browning of fresh flowers and greens. It dries to a clear finish. Spray on delicate flowers before arranging and on every completed arrangement to prolong freshness and maximize beauty. Great for bridal bouquets and everyday arrangements.

Last you will receive corsage pins in the DIY Wedding Flower Supply Package. Corsage pins can be used in many ways but will most likely be used to pin boutonnieres to suit jackets. It can also be used to secure the bouquet wrap to the stem.


1. recently launched DIY Flowers 101, an online flower lesson series!  Check it out here:  DIY Flowers 101 series.
2. Give us feedback about BloomsByTheBox DIY Flowers 101  by leaving a comment in the blog post linked here:
3. Now you are automatically entered to win your DIY Wedding Supply Kit!

Most Recent Comments:

    This is a wonderful series! This, along with the video tutorials are a priceless resource.


    The online program is fantastic-and this set would be a great help!

    I love that you even explain what to do when the flowers arrive-I have to admit, I likely would have left them packaged until time to get my creativity on.

    Thank you!

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Easter colors are so much fun to play around with. We couldn’t resist compiling some amazing floral and color combinations for all you DIY’ers out there that need some ideas. After all, Easter is a wonderful time of the year to start waving hello to the bright and punchy colored flowers for the warm weather and flower-blooming season!

Easter Post - TablescapeThis more modern take on an Easter/Spring table-scape amps up pastel colors to their punchy counterparts. The teal vases, napkins, and utensils bring out the best in the combination of white, yellow, peach, purple, and coral flowers. This is great for any outdoor brunch or indoor lunch! **Floral Construction Note** The tall white snapdragons have been wired to create that interesting arrangement shape.

Easter Post - Pink Easter Centerpiece

Check out this beauty of an arrangement on Ruffled Blog! This incredible photo, taken by EE Photography, is a combination between lavender stock, pink ranunculus, juliet garden roses, pink tulips, astillbe, and queen protea! Mixing pastel pinks and purples with white and peach is a great easter/spring color scheme. Imagine this beautiful look at your spring gathering!

Easter Post - Pastel Centerpice

Are you less of a pink or purple person? No problem! Try out this more down to earth homey look! The white bark vase filled with white and blue hydrangeas, pink roses, fillers and greens is the perfect arrangement for an Easter gathering. After all throwing eggs in your flowers can make it look a little overdone.


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Thinking about using garden roses for your do-it-yourself wedding flower arrangements? They are romantic, fluffy textured roses that can be used in rustic, vintage, classic, or even edgy flower designs. The versatility, colors, and shapes available have launched the garden rose into extreme popularity within the wedding industry. If you decide to use these beauties in your do-it-yourself wedding or event arrangements you should know the following facts first!

DIY Wedding Bouquet InspirationUse this bouquet as inspiration. It simple (easy to make) and jazzed up with bright ribbon, perfect for a DIY! This bouquet is featured on Southern Weddings and captured by KT Merry Photogrpahy.

1. Garden Roses – You Get Them When They are Open
Generally roses need time to open, but garden roses will already reveal those beautiful, rippled inside petals once you receive your shipment. This means when ordering flowers online from you should received the garden roses 2 days before the wedding and event(Remember they are opening during the days they are in transit). This way you will be using the garden roses in their peak condition and you can order all your flowers to arrive at once!Garden Rose - Opening Process

2. Once Open Garden Roses Have a Short Vase Life.
Garden roses are perfect for events because they are in peak condition for 2-3 days. Although, they do not have a long vase life after fully opening they are beautiful in all stages of their opening process. This is why it is a good idea to use the garden roses when they are in the 3-5 day stage of opening, the flowers will open more in the arrangements a live a couple days after they are done being used.

3. Colors May Change as the Garden Rose Opens
The color of the garden rose may look different on the inside when fully open than the color on the outer petals. As the rose opens the center petals reveal true colors. Refer to the example below to see how the color of the rose reveals a true peach than when it was closed. Keep in mind that color will vary depending on weather, crop, and season.
Garden Roses - Color opening

4. Garden Rose Hydration Requires One Extra Cut.
Garden Roses have a much improved vase life when their stems are cut multiple times. When you receive the wholesale garden roses ordered online you need to take them out of the box, cut the stems under running luke-warm water, and start the hydration process. After a day of opening cut the stems again, then cut the stems when arranging the flowers. This will elongate the vase life and eliminate bruising that can start to happen.

Yellow and Pink Wedding Flower Bouquets Featured on Southern Weddings and captured by KT Merry Photogrpahy.

Overall garden roses are an amazing flower for both DIY/budget couples as well as those who can hire a florist. The flower is often used a replacement for peonies while they are out of season. It is gracious and comes in many colors. See out selection of garden roses available online today!

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    Flower is always playing an important role in your wedding. Wedding flower should be a lively part of your ceremony. So your post is very important for those who are going to get married.

    Vicki Hill

    Such a beautiful rose. Great tip regarding the possible color change to the flower. These roses make such a fantastic bouquet! Thanks.

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Exclusive Online Flower Design Tutorials for Do-It-Yourself Event Arrangements. Arrangement Lessons to Help You Save Money on Weddings and Events. has launched “Do-It-Yourself Flowers 101”, a free online lesson series for creating flower arrangements, bouquets and décor for budget weddings and events.  These comprehensive tutorials, covering topics including flower preparation, floral design elements, flower tools,  techniques and flower design guides, are available now at

DIY Flowers 101

Joan Wyndrum,’s vice president, says “The idea of creating your own wedding or party flowers can be intimidating, no matter how much money you save doing it.  We wanted to de-mystify the transformation of flowers from growers to stunning arrangements. This online flower lesson series will give even a novice the knowledge and confidence to create gorgeous bouquets and arrangements – with a truly personal touch.”

Each tutorial focuses on a different aspect of flower arranging, complete with step-by-step photos and money-saving hints.  Arrangement and bouquet discussions cover the fundamentals of floral design as well as important construction and transportation techniques.  Hands-on lessons include “how-to” pictorials as well as video instruction for creating a variety of flower arrangements.

“DIY flowers can free up a really significant part of a wedding budget,” says Ms. Wyndrum.  “And with resources like Pinterest and so many popular wedding blogs, design inspiration is everywhere.  The only missing piece is the ‘how to’, and now Blooms’ DIY Flowers 101 provides it.”

About, The Wholesale Flower Superstore™, offers premium-quality flowers, floral design supplies and accessories at wholesale prices.   Launched in 2007, its online store features low minimum order quantities for sale to the general public with same-day shipping.  Both and its DIY-resource “Blooms Blog” ( have been featured on many popular wedding websites and publications including The Knot, A Practical Wedding, Style Me Pretty and more.

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    Never thought of flower arranging for my wedding before, definitely want to price it out and do a trial run.


    Never thought of flowering arranging before, definitely want to give it a try.

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