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Incorporating floral accents like wedding flower hair designs into your budget wedding decor can be a breeze. Placing flowers in your hair can be just as easy, affordable, and quick as it sounds. Here are some tips for flower hair designs for your wedding.

Wedding Flower Hair DesignsFlowers in Picture: Hydrangea florets, Baby’s breath!

1. Select light flower. Large and heavy flowers like lilies, roses, peonies, garden roses, and succulents are going to be hard to work into hair. They are too heavy and bulk for a simple DIY and the last think you need on your wedding day is frustration with your hair. The best flowers for the job are: Fillers (baby’s breath, waxflower, solidago etc.), freesia, ranunculus, florets from hydrangeas, spray mums, spray roses, sweetheart roses, anemones, lisianthus and dendrobium orchids.

 Flower Hair Pin

Make this design by using floral adhesive to attach and position white larkspur florets, pieces of cream astilbe, greens,and scabiosa to a plastic hair comb. Its very simple!

2. Don’t try to make a complicated design. Place simple clusters of flowers in your hair. If you plan on making a head band or halo make sure you have practiced in advance. Those designs can be a little more complex but easy to learn if done a few times. Check out with DIY floral head band tutorial if you want to learn how to make a floral head band.

3. Don’t over order. Less is more in this circumstance. You will not need to order extra flowers for this simple addition to your DIY. Just use a few blooms (remove them from their stems) and tastefully decorate.

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This week, Katie Couric‘s “Wednesday Weddings” featured Darcy Miller, the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings, giving advice on budget DIY wedding centerpieces! Darcy Miller walked through a beautiful display of DIY tables capes that are budget friendly, easy to create, and fashionable. Watch the full video and read below to download the corresponding resources.

1. Baby’s Breath & Printed Vellum Lace Vases – See how cylinder vases paired with baby’s breath can be jazzed up with Vellum paper! Simply print the lace design on vellum paper, you can download the pattern at Martha Stewart Weddings. To replicate the idea in the video, wrap the vellum paper around cylinders, napkin rings, and decorate votives. We particularly like this project because it is very low stress, low cost, simple, yet beautiful. It gives you the best of both worlds, aesthetic and budget friendly!

2. Fruit Centerpieces –  The trendy fruit centerpieces are super simple to put together. Get a bowl-like shaped vase, add lemons with greenery to achieve the look in the video. Darcy Miller added special candy decor that is very simple to DIY. Martha Stewart provides the candy labels for your wedding, just print the PDF, cut out each label, and glue them to tins!  And if you really want to venture out, alternate between fruit and flowers on your ceremony tables to introduce multiple textures to the atmosphere.

3. DIY Carnation Ombre Centerpieces – Ombre is trend that seems a more difficult to pull off than you think. Just grab flowers in multiple shades of the same color and them place them together from lightest to darkest! If you can’t find a specific flower in every shade you want, don’t rule out the option for floral spray (very authentic looking on flowers!). In the video, Darcy Miller and Katie Couric agree that using carnations in this way makes them look sleek and fashion forward. They are very affordable and can jazz up a wedding when used correctly.

Budget DIY wedding centerpieces are not as hard to put together as you may think! So many brides get in touch with us after creating DIY arrangements and tell us how much fun they had being creative. They had fun arranging and making the flowers so personal for their big day. So what do you think? You think you will make your DIY centerpieces?

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We are always excited when one of our DIY’ers shares their DIY wedding flowers with us. Especially with such a tough wedding color, blue! This beautiful DIY wedding was on a winter day in Wallington New Jersey. Anya Foto Photography captured the classy blue and white wedding. Go visit Anya Foto Photography to see the full wedding, the blue bridesmaids dresses are a particular favorite!

It can prove  difficult to incorporate blue flowers in a design. In fact, there are only a few blue flowers that occur in nature. This blushing bride went with blue delphinium. Other options include blue iris, blue hydrangea, and spray tinted flowers. In 2014 navy blue is going to be a popular wedding flower color. Pantone color reports and blogs are excited to publish blue and nautical themed weddings! So keep an eye out for these designs and maybe used this as inspiration!

DIY Wedding Flowers - Bouquet

White & Blue Boutonniere

We love hearing all the positive feedback. We get constant motivation to continue to provide the freshest quality flowers and premier customer service. This specific couple sent us photos and thanks.

They said, “We thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out to those who enriched our wedding day. Thank you very much again for your professionalism and responsiveness as we made our flower selections. We were very pleased with the final products and thought it would be nice to share a few photographs of them (taken by our photographer, AnyaFoto). Thank you again, and we’ll be sure to suggest Blooms By The Box to our friends and family.”

Thank you so much Carolyn and Stan!

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What You Win:
10 Assorted Birch Bark Vases

$150.00 of Flowers  (your choice) from**
Your Choice for Design Master Floral Spray (1 can)

**BloomsByTheBox will pay for $150 worth of flowers or supplies, you select what you would like!

How to Win:
1. Create a collage of DIY flower inspiration. You can create a collage on Pinterest, label the board “BloomsByTheBox DIY Flowers”. Send us a link to your Pinterest board! Or you can make a collage of pictures and inspiration and send it to us as a photo! We will pick our favorite board. We will select the applicant that shows a cohesive vision and inspiration for their DIY flowers.
2. Like us on Facebook and get 3 friends to like our Facebook.

3.  Send your DIY Flower and Vase Giveaway submission email to {diana(at)}.  The email needs to include the list of 3 friends that liked our Facebook and the link to your Pinterest board or image (jpeg) of your collage! Then, wait for us to announce the winner! The last day to enter is January 31st, 2014! You must complete BOTH of the above steps and submit your entry to our email to qualify to win!

DON’T WAIT! You must submit your entry before 12 AM January 31st in order to enter!

See see a full tutorial for making the centerpiece in the photo above, see the DIY Centerpiece Tutorial.

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Looking to maximize your Valentines Day Fundraising? Blooms By The Box has you covered. With a huge selection of flowers at low wholesale prices, we also have the resources to help make your venture a success. Let’s talk about options.

Freedom Rose 3 Stems

Roses vs. Carnations

Demand: Roses are consistently the most in-demand flower for Valentines Day Fundraising, with red roses topping the charts. With this being said, they can get expensive. If you are targeting higher-income customers, then roses are the way to go. However, if you’re fundraising in a school, then carnations are a cheaper alternative that students will be able to afford.

Tip: Roses are priced by the length of their stems – the longer the stem, the higher the price. If you’re looking to increase profit margins, go for shorter stems, such as 40 cm.

Rose Polar Star 25 stems

Care: Buying wholesale will save you money, but you will be getting your flowers in the condition a florist would. Roses have thorns to strip and leaves that need to be trimmed. For those who don’t have the time and man power to do this, carnations may be a better option. With easily removable leaves and hardy stems and flowers, there is a lot less prep work. As long as they are properly hydrated and kept cool, both flowers will stay fresh for a long time.

Tip: If you need to receive your flowers more than three days in advance or sell them for multiple days, flower food is a must.

Colors: Both roses and carnations come in a wide variety of colors, with red, pink and white being the most popular for Valentines Day Fundraising. If you’re looking for a large variety of colors, you might want to consider our boxes of assorted color roses (no red roses will be included) and assorted color carnations.

V-Day CarnationsStem vs. Bouquet

Prep Work: A single stem will be easier to sell, but a larger bouquet will sell for more money. It’s important to accurately gauge how much work your organization will be able to handle. If you can have a fun, stress-free day of flower arranging with plenty of help, then bouquets may be the way to go.  Otherwise, single stem roses or carnations are still a great option for Valentines Day Fundraising.

Rose Sweet UniqueDemand: It’s important to know your customer base. Will your customers be more interested in purchasing a large, possibly expensive bouquet, or would they be more likely to buy a single stem for less money? Maximizing sales will allow you to maximize profit.

Questions? Ideas? Let us know!

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When you start planning a wedding you tend to plan DIY wedding flowers after the big stuff. You set a date, book your venue, make a guest list, buy the dress/ tux, pick colors, and get a photographer. It is not until later that you start to plan details like flower decor. Many times, couples decide on DIY wedding flowers early in the planning process but not think about the flowers, colors, or placing an order until a month or two before the wedding. This is normal and even preferred! After all, flowers are part of nature, you they are cut only a few days before you receive them.  Here are some suggestions that will help you plan and execute gorgeous DIY wedding flowers while keeping your stress levels down.

DIY Wedding Flowers

1. Don’t worry about flowers until you know the following information:

  • Your Wedding Date – this will help you select flowers that are in season. Check out our Flower Availabilities Chart to see what is available around your wedding date. If you don’t see a flower you want on that chart that means the availability varies every year, contact BloomsByTheBox for more information.
  • Your wedding theme – you can pick flowers that will match your wedding theme, you can even shop for flowers by style like vintage wedding flowers, rustic wedding flowers, classic wedding flowers, and even whimsical wedding flowers.
  • Your wedding colors – you cannot begin to plan for flower arrangements until you know what colors will compliment your wedding. Remember flowers are a part of nature and certain varieties are only available in limited colors. Picking the flowers will only work once you know what colors you can use, then picking varieties become a cake walk.
  • How many arrangements you need – Once you know how centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and other decor you will need flowers for you can calculate what flowers are affordable in the quantities you will need.

4 Start Stem Wrap Sections 6 Keep Building the Bouquet

2. Pick flowers that will work for you.

  • Simple is always in season- Don’t get hung up on elaborate designs. Keeping a look simple can actually make it look more fine tuned and professional.
  • Use lots of greenery- it will make your arrangements look fuller and save you money.  Especially if you are planning a garden themed wedding, lush greenery can make a really classy, romantic flower design.
  • Get your family and friends to help – DIY’ing your flowers should be fun. Gathering your bridesmaids, family, or helpers together to be creative is a great pre-wedding activity.

3. Planning flower quantities doesn’t have to be difficult!

  • Read our Bouquet and Arrangement Flower Quantity Chart, it will teach you how to calculate about how many flowers you need to make your desired size bouquets, centerpieces, and decor.
  • Give yourself a little bit of room for error. If a couple flower stems break or do not rehydrate like others you will want a few extra flowers.

8 Cut the Stems 9 Cut All Stems Same Length

4. Talk to Blooms!

We can help you choose flowers, pick flower quantities and so much more! We’d love to help!Question? Comment? Let us know!

10 Apply Adhesive To Stems 12 Make Stem Wrap with Burlap

15 Purple Pink and Yellow Bouquet

This DIY flower bouquet tutorial by was feature on A Practical Wedding, to see the full step by step please see the post “How to: Make a Bright Colorful Wedding Bouquet

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