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When you start planning a wedding you tend to plan DIY wedding flowers after the big stuff. You set a date, book your venue, make a guest list, buy the dress/ tux, pick colors, and get a photographer. It is not until later that you start to plan details like flower decor. Many times, couples decide on DIY wedding flowers early in the planning process but not think about the flowers, colors, or placing an order until a month or two before the wedding. This is normal and even preferred! After all, flowers are part of nature, you they are cut only a few days before you receive them.  Here are some suggestions that will help you plan and execute gorgeous DIY wedding flowers while keeping your stress levels down.

DIY Wedding Flowers

1. Don’t worry about flowers until you know the following information:

  • Your Wedding Date – this will help you select flowers that are in season. Check out our Flower Availabilities Chart to see what is available around your wedding date. If you don’t see a flower you want on that chart that means the availability varies every year, contact BloomsByTheBox for more information.
  • Your wedding theme – you can pick flowers that will match your wedding theme, you can even shop for flowers by style like vintage wedding flowers, rustic wedding flowers, classic wedding flowers, and even whimsical wedding flowers.
  • Your wedding colors – you cannot begin to plan for flower arrangements until you know what colors will compliment your wedding. Remember flowers are a part of nature and certain varieties are only available in limited colors. Picking the flowers will only work once you know what colors you can use, then picking varieties become a cake walk.
  • How many arrangements you need – Once you know how centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and other decor you will need flowers for you can calculate what flowers are affordable in the quantities you will need.

4 Start Stem Wrap Sections 6 Keep Building the Bouquet

2. Pick flowers that will work for you.

  • Simple is always in season- Don’t get hung up on elaborate designs. Keeping a look simple can actually make it look more fine tuned and professional.
  • Use lots of greenery- it will make your arrangements look fuller and save you money.  Especially if you are planning a garden themed wedding, lush greenery can make a really classy, romantic flower design.
  • Get your family and friends to help – DIY’ing your flowers should be fun. Gathering your bridesmaids, family, or helpers together to be creative is a great pre-wedding activity.

3. Planning flower quantities doesn’t have to be difficult!

  • Read our Bouquet and Arrangement Flower Quantity Chart, it will teach you how to calculate about how many flowers you need to make your desired size bouquets, centerpieces, and decor.
  • Give yourself a little bit of room for error. If a couple flower stems break or do not rehydrate like others you will want a few extra flowers.

8 Cut the Stems 9 Cut All Stems Same Length

4. Talk to Blooms!

We can help you choose flowers, pick flower quantities and so much more! We’d love to help!Question? Comment? Let us know!

10 Apply Adhesive To Stems 12 Make Stem Wrap with Burlap

15 Purple Pink and Yellow Bouquet

This DIY flower bouquet tutorial by was feature on A Practical Wedding, to see the full step by step please see the post “How to: Make a Bright Colorful Wedding Bouquet

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    I would recommend to tie with jute – it will look more classy.
    we are also florist and did the same thing but tied with jute rope – it was looking awesome.. I dont have option to upload pic here… :)

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We love that our customers get in touch with us after their wedding to show us their DIY flowers. They usually take a few months to catch their breath then get in touch to brag about how awesome their DIY flower project came out! This particular customer emailed us, thanking us for our service and high quality flowers. It is in the moments like this that we really enjoy our hard work to make each customer as happy as possible. Budget couples are so happy to save the money yet get enough flowers for their DIY decor.

This DIY Wedding took place in  Minnesota! The vintage wedding style is the perfect opportunity to create imperfectly shaped bouquets with texture and color. The garden roses in particular are vintage styled flowers. Photos from Solveig Nesse Photography.DIY Flowers

We know these DIY flowers are stunning but how can you overlook that dress?!? Just in case you are in the market for a wedding dress, this one is from Jovani. It is beautiful! The garden roses are the perfect fit for the vintage style dress.

Pink Garden Rose Bouquet

If you are in the planning process, what flowers are you thinking about getting? Do you have a specific flower style you want to achieve?

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Sometimes it’s hard to think about of the box with winter wedding flowers. Usually winter wedding couples end up with traditional white flowers and loose the pizazz that they really wanted. Here is so inspiration that can keep you thinking outside the box.

1. Texture: Add fillers and greens that have a unique texture to break up white winter wedding flowers.
2. Color: Be bold, add layers of color. Either shades of winter colors or gold/ silver floral spray on your textured fillers/ greens.
3. Surrounding Elements: Use linens, vases, and ribbons to add texture to bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonniere for a professionally styled ambiance

All Photo Credits Click on Images.

Winter Wedding FlowersThis centerpiece incorporates unique textures that add depth to the arrangement. The hypericum berries, pine cones, and seeded eucalyptus pods compliment the incense cedar, holiday ornaments, red and white roses, lisianthus, and mini green hydrangeas. Creating depth with texture keeps the arrangement from feeling too overly Christmas or even tacky. The arrangement looks classy and tasteful because of the inclusion of texture and depth.

Red centerpieceGarden roses, greenery, anemones, ranunculus, and red dendrobium orchids combine to create the dimensional wedding tablescape above. The surrounding elements and shades of the same color (bright red, deep red, burgundy, and maroon) create depth. The surround elements are a perfect mixture between the brick wall, gold linens, gold vase, and other accents that create an original wedding ambiance.

Red bouquet and boutonniereThis bouquet and boutonniere set are part of the gold and red wedding above. The incorporation of plaid creates a distinct winter wedding setting.

 Winter bouquets - bright

OR you can throw any rules right out the window and come up a completely original idea that speaks to your personality as a couple. This design include red peonies, red freedom roses, purple stock, seeded eucalyptus, billy balls, brunia, and thistle. All of the elements are included in this design, color, textures, and surrounding elements. The bright icy blue is perfect accent! Don’t you agree?

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8 comments is announcing a big DIY Flower and Vase Giveaway! Whether you are planning a budget wedding, baby/wedding shower, or DIY event, this is the excellent opportunity to get a freebee and keep that budget in check. Read below to find out how to enter to win! Then read on to see a tutorial using the birch base vases we are giving away!

DIY Flower and Vase Giveaway

What You Win:
10 Assorted Birch Bark Vases
$150.00 of Flowers  (your choice) from**
Your Choice for Design Master Floral Spray (1 can)

**BloomsByTheBox will pay for $150 worth of flowers or supplies, you order

How to Win:
1. Create a collage of DIY flower inspiration. You can create a collage on Pinterest, label the board “BloomsByTheBox DIY Flowers”. Send us a link to your Pinterest board! Or you can make a collage of pictures and inspiration and send it to us as a photo! We will pick our favorite board. We will select the applicant that shows a cohesive vision and inspiration for their DIY flowers.
2. Like us on Facebook and get 3 friends to like our Facebook.

3.  Send your DIY Flower and Vase Giveaway submission email to {diana(at)}.  The email needs to include the list of 3 friends that liked our Facebook and the link to your Pinterest board or image (jpeg) of your collage! Then, wait for us to announce the winner! The last day to enter is January 31st, 2014! You must complete BOTH of the above steps and submit your entry to our email to qualify to win!

If you win you will probably make centerpieces using the vases! Or you can use this step by step to help you make any centerpiece using floral foam. Follow this step by step for making your DIY wedding arrangements! Make sure you hydrate your flowers and soak your floral foam in water with flower food. All of the flowers, vases, and supplies in this tutorial are available on

Flowers-DIY-CenterpieceSupplies- Wedding-Center1-Start-w-Greens2-Make-Shape-with-Greenery 3-Add-Vendela-Roses 4-Add-Spray-Roses 5-White-and-Cream-Wedding-CDIY Flower and Vase Giveaway!

Post questions and comments here! We would love to hear from you! And don’t forget January 31st 2014 is the last day to submit your entry! Share this DIY Flower and Vase Giveaway with anyone who has a wedding in the next three months to a year!

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It’s about time you learned how to make a holiday wreath! Once thanksgiving comes around its time to hit the ground running with Christmas decor. In year’s past you may have gone Christmas crazy and spent a pretty buck on greens, lights, and nicknacks. Not this year though, you are determined to DIY some decorations that create homey holiday cheer. If you decide to make our own wreath or have a neighbor wreath making contest you can order Christmas greens by the bunch and save a ton of money.

We stumbled up an EXTREMELY helpful and creative post on A Fresh Coat blog. They are dedicated to DIY, home decor, and the holidays!

How to Make a Wreath
Make a Holiday Wreathholiday wreath

This beautiful wreath is made with a holiday greens combination of juniper, port oxford cedar, and douglas fir. If you were to purchase 1 bunch of each you would be able to make up to 3-4 wreaths. this is a fun activity with friends and family that can become a family tradition.

OR if you rather purchase a wreath that is already assembled there are some really beautiful variations available. Which one is your favorite?


Aussie-Wreath Juniper-Pepper-Berry-Wreath Magnolia-Wreath-14inch Mixed-Green-Wreath


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The biggest reason people decide to sidestep DIY flowers is the fear of lack luster arrangements. However, many customers have been able to make beautiful arrangements on a budget. We share their secrets to successful and professional looking DIY flower bouquets, centerpieces, and decor!

1. Keep the Design Simple:

The kiss of death with DIY is biting off more than you can chew. Don’t expect to be able to make a huge cascading floral archway the first time you touch wholesale flowers. In order to make flowers look professional and timeless, try to incorporate simple designs. Using simple designs does not mean, make boring arrangements. It simple means, choose a design that does not require a lot of mechanical work involving every floral tool in the shed. Photo credit: Kristen Leigh Photography

DIY flowers 2. Use color to make impact

The photo above is the perfect mix of simple design with colors that create an impact. This bride did a wonderful job with her DIY execution. She planned out many ways to keep design extremely simple while adding impact by using coral, pinks, peach, cream, and white flowers together. This inspired design created a beautiful focal point for their cocktail hour! Instead of creating complicated designs pick a palette of colors that create sophistication. Color is an element that make your DIY flowers look professional and well planned.

3. Do-It-Together!

One of our favorite wedding blogs, A Practical Wedding,  puts emphasis on doing DIY projects with family and friends! DIY flowers are the perfect project to designate as a group effort. Since you will most likely put together arrangements the day before the wedding, you will plenty of family and friends around to help. AND if you take our advice to keep the designs simple, anyone can do the job! You wont have to train a team to do pull it off. This will keep your arrangements looking much more professional because there will be no rush and you will have fun being creative together! A lot of our customers say that they had do much fun putting together bouquets with their bridesmaids. It is a great way to relax, bond, and be creative together before the wedding.

do it together

4. Get the Right Amount of Flowers

DIY’ers have expressed that the hardest part of ordering wholesale flowers is estimating many flowers they need. It’s very important to make sure you will have enough flowers! You want to make sure arrangements don’t look unfinished  or have foam sticking out because you did have enough flowers to cover it. That’s why published online flowers lessons with a specific lesson dedicated to helping you pick the right quantities. We also offer free phone, email, and live chat consultations!

5. Practice

If you want to make something that you have not made you usually quickly hop on YouTube! Although this is a wonderful step that you should take before making your own event arrangements you should also try to practice. You do not need to practice with the exact flowers you plan on ordering. You can grab flowers from a market near you and just try working with the flowers a little bit, just to get the hang of it.

Do you have any suggestions or secrets to professional DIY flowers! Please comment and share!

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