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The big secret to beautiful do-it-yourself flowers for fall arrangements is…… texture! Fall is a time when texture is especially important, the season promotes natural tones and outdoorsy elements, making it a must to include multiple textures, shapes, and finishes in fall bouquets. Texture can even make wholesale flowers online look like professional arrangements. The more elements you include in a pattern the more sophisticated the designs look.

OH!! Did I mention that these greens and textured fillers are also more affordable than traditional focal flowers?  That’s right, creating highly textured arrangements can actually save you money. You may even be able to splurge on a focal flower that is more expensive, like the peach Juliet garden roses shown below.

Fall Wildflowers

Fall Wildflower boutonniere

Photos by Tyler Jones Photography

Some of the budget friendly fall textured fillers in this post  include steel grass, wheat grass, heather, saw fern, scabiosa pods, and fiddlehead fern. They are truly affordable and easy to work with. They are also very hardy and long lasting! See some of the items offers that can make your wholesale flower buying experience replicate a fall look filled with texture.

Broom Corn Calcynia Corn Looking stuff Scabiosa-Pods Thistle

In order from top to bottom these pictures are wheat grass, pink heather, brown corn grass, scabiosa, and thistle. Get these wholesale flowers for your upcoming do-it yourself fall wedding!

There are so many affordable options for filler flowers that can fill up your fall do it yourself flowers with texture, color, and interest. The secret is creating a unique texture and combination of flowers that will make your wholesale flowers look like professionally arranged flowers. Use these fillers and a wide variety of wholesale greens to come in budget. The picture above also feature garden roses, a rather expensive flower. The great part of using so many fillers and greens is that you need less of the focal flower, meaning you can still get that higher ticket flower you love while keeping in budget.

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Learning how to make a DIY floral headband is simple, easy, and extremely affordable. Baby’s breath is one of the most affordable fillers available of all wholesale flowers ordered online.  With one bunch of baby’s breath you can make up to 6-7 floral head bands!

What you need: Floral scissors, floratape stem wrap, 23 gage floral wire, and a portion of a bunch of baby’s breath.

1 Materials

2 Make Small Bunches

Bundle pieces of baby’s breath together using the floratape stem wrap. You will have to make more bundles as you go to fit and cover the entire wire headband.

Next, double strand the wire, measure your head, and make a cut leaving an extra two inches at the ends. Use the rounded side (already looped side) of your doubled wire to create a clasp by putting the cut ends through the loop. Once you have put the ends through the loop, create a secure twist to hold the wire in a circle. Make sure the wire is not sticking out.

3 Form Wire to Head

4 Close the Opening

5 add smal bunches

Start adding bundles of baby’s breath to the wire using your floratape stem wrap. Place the bundles together, close enough to eventually cover all showing wire. Keep in mind that you need to keep the clasp area open in case you need to re-adjust the size.

6 add more arond edges

7 add until covered all around

Once you have covered the wire fully you can now add your finishing touches. Add ribbon, lace, or more flowers to create a touch of textured interest.

8 finished head band

This simple tutorial can help you make your own wedding flowers at a a fraction of the cost of a florist. Baby’s breath floral headbands can also be used as decorative wreaths. Hang them from strings on the ceiling to make a unique and quaint look for your ceremony. Or you can make these small ring arrangements for putting around candles as centerpieces!

What would you do with these simple floral arrangements?

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    Simple DIY Wedding Flower Hair Designs - Wholesale Flowers

    […] Those designs can be a little more complex but easy to learn if done a few times. Check out with DIY floral head band tutorial if you want to learn how to make a floral head […]

    Diana DeVito

    Hello Louise! I am so excited you found us! You can make the floral head band with the baby’s breath the night before without a problem! Just make sure the the baby’s breath had at least 6-12 hours of hydration before you put it together. This will allow the flowers to stay fresh out of water for a longer period of time. Flowers like succulents and billy balls are not as dependent on hydration so those flowers work as well!
    Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you!

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Who Loves Dahlias?


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WE DO! WE DO! is excited to announce that we are now offering wholesale dahlias online! Brides and grooms in the U.S. should be excited that we  now have bulk dahlias at the lowest prices available online! If you need dahlias for a wedding, event, or party, is the perfect solution! has 15 different colors and varieties for you to choose from. The arrangements below are a great example of some of the ways you can use dahlias in your do it yourself weddings or events. They can make both bold and subtle statements. This versatile flower is featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Sara & Rocky Photography did a wonderful job capturing the dahlias ability to provide color, texture and excitement in arrangements.

Wholesale Dahlias

Dahlia Floral Head Band

Dahlia Centerpiece Flowers

Dahlia Wedding Bouquet Flowers

What would you do with dahlias at a budget wedding? Please share your photos and ideas.

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The famous DIY peony bouquet is super easy to make! Whether your wedding theme is rustic, vintage, sophisticated, or modern this beautiful bouquet style will fit. It is versatile and can be made in a multitude of colors. Pink, white, hot pink, red, and burgundy are just some of your options.But here is the big problem, they are only available from April – July! Well don’t worry, you can replace the peonies with a garden rose for almost the exact same look.

Getting wholesale flowers online can be a money saver and simple process. Learn how to make a peony bouquet in a couple simple steps that will take about 20-30 minutes at most.Step 1

Step 2

Use 8-10 peonies, 6 pruned down pieces of dusty miller, floratape stem wrap, floral scissors, and ribbon of your choice. You will use the ribbon to make a bouquet wrap. Make sure all the flowers have been properly hydrated and prepped to ensure long vase life. To learn about proper floral hydration and storage refer to our DIY Flowers 101 lesson Unpacking and Preparing Fresh Cut Flowers.

Step 3

Step 4

Gather flowers together that start the pattern for the rest of the bouquet. Then secure your first section with floratape stem wrap.  Stem wrap is easy to use, just pull the tape tight and it will adhere to itself!

Step 5

Step 6

Continuously build on the pattern of peonies and dusty miller. Once you have a good rotation of peonies and dusty miller  and you are satisfied with the size, use the stem wrap to secure the bouquet. Then, cut all the stems so that they are the same length.

Step 7

Step 8

Use floral adhesive or corsage pins to attach the bouquet wrap ribbon.

Step 9

Pink and White Peony Bouquet

After you make your bouquet (usually the day before your wedding) make sure you can still keep the flowers hydrated. This means you may have to wait until the day of the wedding to add your bouquet wrap. This way you can put a couple inches of water in a vase and keep the flowers hydrated until you are ready to use the bouquet.

Most brides think they need a florist to make a peony bouquet like this. The truth is, if you keep it simple this bouquet can not only be easy to make but also affordable and within your budget. For more flower tips, design techniques, and tutorials visit our DIY Flowers 101 online lesson series.

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Rustic and vintage wildflower arrangements lead in August do-it-yourself trends.They fill mason jars, wooden planter boxes, hanging votives, and make imperfectly shaped bouquets at countless 2013 weddings. This August especially, the natural ambiance associated with wildflowers has created a more casual and personal wedding feel that modern couples crave.

(Purple & Blue) Wildflower Pack copy

Fan Favorite Rustic Romantic Wildflower Pack – NOW 10% off the entire Month of August!!

Naturalistic wedding trends make wildflowers an absolute essential for upcoming weddings, but many couples are confronted with the issue of sourcing this unconventional assortment of flowers. Couples on budget have found that wildflower packs, ordered online, are a perfect solution for D-I-Y’ing rustic wedding décor.

The wildflower trend has allowed couples to create quality arrangements that are simple to arrange and affordable. Daisies, cornflower, scabiosa, crespedia, and spray roses mixed with fillers and greens create airy, simple arrangements. Keeping arrangements earthy and relaxed has allowed them to create their wedding flowers without any previous flower design experience.

(Deep Pink & Purple) Wildflower Pack jpg’s Do-It-Yourself wildflower packs are predetermined assortments of wildflowers that make 10-12 full sized arrangements. Focal flowers, filler flowers and greens, completely color customizable, are combined to create a well-balanced floral collection to meet all arranging needs. The tedious process of calculating flower quantities and varieties no longer exists.

Diana DeVito,’s flower expert, says “Wildflowers have proven to be a leading favorite among our thousands of do-it-yourself wedding couples. The wildflower packs are hardy yet affordable and the flower varieties create beautiful rustic- vintage arrangement. This concept is allowing couples to have their cake and eat it too; they are staying in budget and still getting their dream flowers.“

(Country Plum Harvest) Wildflower Pack

In celebration of D-I-Y Wildflower Month,’s entire designer line of wildflower packs will be10% off! Place your order anytime in August to catch these packs at their lowest price. Pick a requested ship date in the future for weddings in September – November.


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One of the most important elements of floral design is also the most important supply – the vase! Because floral decor can get a tad repetitive, here’s eight unexpected flower vessels to shake things up!

1. Tea Cups and Tea Pots

This gorgeous arrangement via Style Me Pretty was designed by Kailey Michelle Events and photographed by Ameris. The dusty miller, roses and veronica make a romantic, yet simple arrangement that is sure to charm everyone who sees it. Use a small piece of floral foam inside the teacup to keep flowers hydrated and correctly positioned. This is extremely easy and creates high impact, absolutely perfect for keeping in budget while creating style and personality.

tea cup

2. Apothecary Bottles are a fascinating piece of history, and easy to incorporate in a rustic or vintage theme. This design from Weddings Unveiled was photographed by Sarah C. Photography. It is important to keep in mind that diversity and differentiation in vases will keep your tables interesting! What a perfect excuse to take the bridal party antiquing for a day. These arrangements use just a few stems of stock, asters, spray roses and spider mums.

Apothecary Jars

3. This Vintage Flour Sifter is a surprising vase choice, but look at how lovely it is filled with gypsophilia (baby’s breath)! The aged metal adds a very natural feel. Found on Style Me Pretty these arrangements were designed by CountDown Events Planning and Design and photographed by Tamiz Photography. Use a floral liner to keep water inside the sifter. We also love the antique wood planter on the left!

flour sifter

4. Vintage Tins provide the ultimate charm, and they come in so many different shapes and colors! These tins perfectly compliment the flower choices of garden roses, stock and seeded eucalyptus – notice how the reds pop! Featured on Style Me Pretty, from this stunning combination from Bella Bloom Floral Boutique was photographed by Jana Morgan


5. These Wooden Vases from Style Me Pretty were created by Todd Events and photographed by Perez Photography. Make your own vases by harvesting loose (only loose!) birch bark from birch trees. Wrap the bark around a glass vase or tin can and secure with twine. The dianthus and succulents used in this arrangement are the perfect compliment!


6. Vintage Boxes and Planters are extremely popular because they often have quaint writing or gorgeously aged wood. The dahlias, roses, stock and seeded eucalyptus in this arrangement could easily compliment the utmost formality and style, but the simple wood planter adds a simple, earthy elegance. Found on Style Me Pretty, the arrangement was designed by Aria Floral and photographed by Caroline Ghetes Photography.



7. Apothecary Jars via Style Me Pretty were designed by Whimsical Gatherings and photographed by Dixie Pixel. The cream dahlias look gorgeous floating in water.



8. Wooden Barrels

From Style Me Pretty, this arrangement was designed by FleurEssence Floral Design and photographed by Jessica Burke Photography. The hanging amaranthus, stock, hypericum, dahlias, hydrangeas and roses are absolutely lovely!


Feel free to unleash your creativity with your vase choices. You will reap the benefits. What else would you use as a unique vase? Need help identifying a flower? Email Blooms By The Box!




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    What a wonderful idea! I really never think like this I mean using tea pot as a flower vase. Awesome! I am sure there is no one who has used these kinds of techniques before and I also know that you have so much knowledge about flower decoration. So it is my humble request to you that please share more ideas about flower decoration in your next post. Thank you!

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