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Nautical Wedding Bouquet
We don’t know about you, but we have been in love with nautical themed wedding flowers lately! Using a theme can sometimes be executed in a way that feels tacky or gaudy however, we find that nautical weddings feel romantically patriotic and authentic. Inspired by these designs we deiced to compile some nautical wedding flowers that would be simple enough designs for the DIY’ers!

Royal blue, navy blue, red, and grays make up a beautiful nautical color scheme that feels very upscale. This bold bouquet, photographed by Will & Stacey on Green Wedding Shoes above includes red anemones, red roses and red ranunculus. The red flowers are compliments blue printed ribbons.  Tastefully nautical!

BoutonnieresDon’t forget to add rope and distressed accessories to your nautical theme.

Nautical Centerpiece with Cream FlowersThis post Nautical weddings flowers do not have to always be red. Check out these creamy peach flowers paired with navy blue and white. Pairing wooden elements with stones, candles, lanterns, and sailing accents is tastefully done in this styled photo shoot, captured by Alea Lovely on Ruffled Blog.

nautical bouquet
If you plan on creating nautical wedding flowers for your special day please share your inspiration. How did you figure out what you wanted to make? Where did you first see a photo of the design you wanted? We look forward to sharing all ideas with DIY’ers planning to wedding or even arrangements.


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BloomsByTheBox is now offering a FREE DIY Essentials Flower Supply Kit to customers with an order of $300 or more. We made it simple, just forward your email order confirmation of $300 or more (before taxes and shipping) to to redeem your free kit! But hurry up, this offer ends on June 12th 2014!

Get Free DIY Flower Supplies with Wholesale Flowers!

The DIY Essentials Flower Supply Kit contains all of the products needed to make sure your wholesale flowers are fresh & long lasting for your wedding arrangements. Each of the products in this package is essential to getting the most out of your flowers. Aquaplus powder flower food goes into your hydrating buckets. This will increase the vase life of the flowers and also give them the correct balance of nutrients needed correctly hydrate after they have been shipped. Next, the floral scissors are extremely important. Using regular kitchen scissors to trim the flowers can fray the stems and not allow the flowers to draw up water evenly, leaving parts of the flowers dying. Floral scissors have unique ridges that slice through the stem without fraying them like dull/ sticky kitchen scissors. Lastly, the crowning glory clear solution is the best finishing spray the industry has to offer. Spray the flowers to give them a clean lively look before you walk down the aisle.
Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Supply Kit

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BloomsByTheBox has just been featured on the A Practical Wedding blog, showing a DIY centerpiece tutorial, aiming to help DIY brides overcome their fear of the more lush DIY flower designs.  This example servers to prove a point, that even though you are on a budget you can still have a few more complicated and fancy looking arrangements! We do recommend using more affordable flower varieties and more simple designs to make the majority of the arrangements to keep things do-able. However we encourage you to make a couple arrangements that really accentuate your more simple designs!

Visit the FULL STEP BY STEP post on A Practical Wedding and let us know what you think! Do-able for you?

DIY Centerpiece Tutorial - DIY flowers

If you plan on making a few arrangements just like above but want to make more simple arrangements that will match we suggest the 2-3 small roses and greens in a vase! Remember not every table needs to match!
pink centerpeice



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This tutorial is so helpful! Making a DIY flower crown is best  when simple just like this one. Don’t forget to visit the full tutorial on 100 Layer Cake.

1. Hydrate the flowers to make sure your flower crown will last all the way through your event without water.
2. Make sure you have flower clippers or scissors, floral wire, and small sized wholesale fresh cut flowers.
3. Cut all the flowers stems nice and short, then wire each stem to create a bendable support.
4. Create the base of your floral crown with a hardy/ bendable stem or branch.
5. Attached the wired flowers to the base with the floral wire.
6. Once satisfied with the look cover mechanic with filler like baby’s breath.

What You Need to Make a Flower CrownMake a Head Band Shape

Wire The Flowers DIY ranuculus flower crown DIY Flower Crown

Would you try this out? Which flowers will you use?

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Ordering wholesale flowers online is something that requires some planning. Here, at, we believe in being there for each customer, every step of the process, from beginning to end. So to get you started, here are the top 5 questions asked about ordering wholesale flowers online, a little jump start for ya!


1. When should I place my order?

Orders can be placed up to 45 days in advance of your desired ship date. You will select your ship date during check out. When possible, we recommend that orders for weddings be placed 2-3 weeks in advance of ship date. This will allow for the most flexibility to fill your order as requested.

Note that some items (such as garden roses) MUST be ordered in advance to allow for transit time from the growers (“lead time”). The number of extra days that is required for these items is indicated on the product detail page.

Products that are in stock (shown on the website) can be shipped immediately:
Orders placed before 2:00PM (ET) Monday-Thursday can ship the same day.
Orders placed after 2:00PM (ET) Monday-Wednesday can ship the next day.
Orders placed Friday-Sunday or after 2:00PM (ET) on Thursday can ship Monday.

2. When should I have my order shipped?

All flowers from BloomsByTheBox are shipped via next-day delivery on the requested ship date. No matter where you are in the continental US!

We suggest having your order shipped 3 days before the event. Your order will arrive 2 days before your event allowing time for flower hydration and arranging. For example, for a Saturday wedding, request a Wednesday ship date for Thursday delivery.

3. How do I figure out how many flowers I need for my arrangements?

Watch our How-To Videos, see our flower quantities chart, and feel free to call our on-staff wedding flower designer with any questions.

4. I can’t find a flower I want. Why do the products and prices change frequently?

Because we are constantly buying from around the world, we keep our offerings on up to date with only products we know we can deliver and at the best prices available each day. Products may not be available on a given day because of seasonality or because we have none available to ship that day. If you don’t see a product you want to order, call us at 855-BUY-BLOOMS or email customer service.

5. Should I do a trial run?

Yes! Although we do not have free samples, our  low $50 minimum order, means you can order small quantities of  items you are interested in. This means you can receive a couple bunches of flowers that and practice hydration and arranging!





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Pinterest Weddings vs Reality BudgetsIf you have a Pinterest and you are engaged you can relate to this very funny yet strikingly honest ecard. You are inundated with images of high end finishes, extravagant venues, million dollar wedding dresses, and extremely expensive decor/details on Pinterest. It has become unusually easy to develop unrealistic expectations for your wedding.

There are Pinterest weddings and reality budgets…Caught in that predicament? Well there are 5 solutions to help you work through your wedding planning:

1. Use Pinterest as a point of inspiration, not your wedding template.  Learn that adjusting ideas to realistically fit your budget is going to also make the process a whole lot more pleasant for all parties involved. When you see a wedding you LOVE, instead of trying to replicate that exact wedding, use the important elements as a wedding guide. For example, use that wedding’s color inspiration and general theme. Creating a vintage, modern, rustic, or themed event can absolutely be done on a budget without spending as much money as Kim Kardashian.

2. Create your own flower arrangements. I am sure you noticed that some of the most pinned images are extravagant arrangements with the most pricey flowers. Getting high end flowers and paying a florist can run you THOUSANDS of dollars. Compromise. Only buy a few bunches of high end flowers for your bouquet and the grooms boutonniere, then order similar, yet more affordable flowers for the rest of your arrangements. Maybe even hire a florist to make bouquets while you make centerpieces, either way you will greatly offset your costs.

Pinterest Vs Reality Budget

Photos: Left-  Bell the Magazine  Right- Anna Guziak Photography on Style Me Pretty

3. Recycle. Get the decor you want… and make it count for double! Bring arrangements, props, signage, flowers, and decor from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Are your friends having weddings around the same time or year? Split the cost of vases or items that can be used in original ways at each wedding. Being green can also save you some green.

4. Remember What Is REALLY Important. Congratulations, you have found someone to spend the rest of your life with. If you have a tight budget, don’t let it get you down, you are coming out a winner on this day no matter what.

5. Use Pinterest DIY Tutorials. While Pinterest is notorious for it’s over the top wedding inspiration it is also famous for it’s bountiful supply of DIY picture tutorials. Refocus some of your Pinterest time to finding some DIY projects that are perfect for your wedding and budget! Don’t forget BloomsByTheBox has a DIY Flower Projects board with hundreds of picture tutorials.

6. Create Your Budget then STICK TO IT. It’s common to sit down and make a budget then go way over once you the wedding industry has to offer. It is tough to stay on track but you can do it! We believe you can!

We can help! Create your dream arrangements on a budget with DIY flowers! Just send us your Pinterest inspiration and we can help you create flowers on a reality budget!

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