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The Gladiolus makes a Comeback


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GladiolusI was recently in a discount cosmetics store with my 15 year old daughter. We purchased a number of things including an old fragrance that was one of my grandmother’s (and probably yours) favorites. The saleslady looked at us in a funny way and asked for whom were we purchasing it. (I don’t think she had sold any in months!) I told her that I liked to use it once in a while because it always reminded me of my grandmother and the special times I had with her. She understood immediately, as we all have special memories of people that we love. Flowers remind us of those people too. I can’t see a Gladiolus without thinking of my grandmother. Just like that old fragrance that used to be so popular, Gladiolus used to be one of the hottest selling flowers. I can see why. They are stunning in large arrangements, long lived, and come in a variety of colors. Right now they are also a great value!

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    There are several filler flowers that would great with Glads. I would suggest using some white Wax Flower and /or some white Monte Casino Aster. Both have same white flowers that will compliment the Gladiolas. In terms of greens, I would suggest a small quantity of Ming Fern or Tree Fern. You won’t go wrong with either of these!


    I’m not sure what greens would work (maybe someone else can chime in here).

    I DO know that you can get away without using any. My family and I frequent a nearby restaurant that always displays white gladiolus in large vases. Here are a couple of pictures:

    white gladiolus arrangement

    white gladiolus arrangement

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