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Video: Make Your Own Flower Hair Clips


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Make Your Own Flower Hair Clips

Do you plan on putting flowers in your hair on your wedding day? Learn how to make your own flower hair clips in this video.  Even though there are many ways you can include flowers in your wedding day hair, we suggest keeping it minimalistic. In this video, we make a simple floral design that can be used with any hair style. Keep in mind that you can use any of your favorite hair accessories to make a floral design. Use a headband, a comb pin, a barrette, or a clip. Try to use something with a surface that can act as the base of the floral design.

What you Need: A focal flower, a filler flower, greens, floral adhesive, floral scissors and your hair accessory.

After learning how to make your own flower hair clips do you feel that you may want to also make centerpieces, bouquets, or other arrangements? Make sure to visit the BloomsByTheBox YouTube channel to learn how to make all the arrangements you need for your wedding or events.

Most Recent Comments:
    Diana DeVito

    You should put together the floral hair clips as close to the wedding as possible. As long as your flowers are hydrated before and stored outside of any direct sunlight/draft they will last up to 48 hours. Using Crowning Glory Clear Solution finishing spray will allow the flowers to hold moisture longer! Thank you for reading!

    Michelle Yip

    After the headpiece is made, do I have to spray water to keep it hydrated? Normally how many days it can keep fresh, as for headpiece I am not able to let stem take up water again. Thanks for the advice.

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