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Using a Tape Grid to Make Perfect Do-It-Yourself Centerpieces


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Many times DIY couples are afraid to put together their own flower arrangements because they are worried that the mechanical work in centerpieces will be too difficult. But, this is super simple. Learn how to make rustic centerpieces by using tape to form a grid for perfect mason jar centerpieces. This is a very simple method to help you achieve professional looking yet simple arrangements. And anyone can do it! This arrangement is easy to make, does not require a lot of flowers, features inexpensive flower varieties, and takes less than than other arrangement types. It’s a win all the way around!

1 Tools and Container

4 Finish Tape Grid

5 Add Stock

6 Add Larkspur

7 Add Tulips

8 Add Spray Roses

9 Add Ranunculus

10 Final Look

Step by Step:

1. Gather mason jars, floral tape, scissors, and flowers. This arrangement features pink ranunculus, purple tulips, yellow spray roses, pink larkspur, and fuchsia stock. Use bright and saturated colors to make this summery bold look.

3. Make sure all your flowers are properly hydrated, also add clean water and flower food to the mason jar. Especially if you are having an outdoor summer event! Keep your flowers looking fresh where there is not air conditioning.

2. Use the waterproof green floral tape to create a grid pattern at the top of the vase. Make sure the tape is not spilling over the edges of the vase. Your goal will be to cover the grid with flowers.

3. Use the grid to place a tall flower, like larkspur, at the center that will act as the highest point in a triangular shaped arrangement. Then use another tall and full flower like stock to radiate out from the center in a triangular shape.

4. After the initial shape is made with your taller flowers start filling in the spaces with focal flowers that add shape and texture like spray roses, ranunculus, and tulips.

5. Turn the arrangement and add flowers until you are happy with the result!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in them comments! We are here to help and we love your feedback! Is there anything you are dying to know how to make? POST A COMMENT and we will make it happen!

Most Recent Comments:
    Diana DeVito

    About 3 stems of the smaller flowers and 2 stems of the large flowers like stock! Thank you for stopping in :)


    I’m thinking of trying something similar for my upcoming wedding and was hoping to find out approximately how many of each flower was used in the centerpiece shown above.. these are great! Thanks!

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