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America the Bloomiful! 4th of July Flower Ideas!


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Show that your creative and patriotic flare this Independence Day! Instead of making blue cupcakes bring some aesthetically pleasing flowers to your 4th of July barbeque. Everyone is going to be too full to eat your blue cupcakes anyway! Here are some flower combinations that will catch your eye and celebrate independence.

The flowers on the left side are wonderfully paired using the brightest brights of each color. The flowers on the right are complementary colors using the softer shades of red, white, and blue. The flowers are grouped together to create contrast in texture for each arrangement.

Red Flowers: Rose Freedom (left) and Daisies (right)
Blue Flowers: Rose Vendela (left) and Hydrangea (right)
White Flowers: Lily (left) and Rose Eskimo (right)

Patriotic bows put the icing on the cake (not the blue cupcakes). Add something delicate to your arrangements for the complete look!

We also want to thank the troops serving! Don’t forget the Blooms by the box Military Discount! Have a great 4th of July Everyone!

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    The roses are treated blue but you can also use floral spray paint or tint to make your own white roses blue!

    Flower Fan

    Are the blue roses naturally blue or are they painted blue? If they are painted blue, where can I find floral paint?

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