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Although we wish we could just throw flowers together and make it look amazing we know we need to do a little research before doing DIY wedding flowers. Our Flower 101 section guides you in floral care, design elements, and professional tips so that you can purchase wholesale flowers and end up with amazing DIY […]

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Preparing and Storing Wholesale Flowers

When you get wholesale flowers delivered to your home or business you need to take appropriate care of them the ensure a long vase life. A good rule of thumb for receiving wholesale flowers for an event is to get them 2 days before the event. This strategy is best because it gives the flowers […]

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It’s summer and wedding season is in full swing and Blooms wants to celebrate! We want to show our appreciation for our DIY brides while celebrating the launch of our new glass event vases! This means you guys get a double whammy, FREE VASES and FLOWERS! If you have a wedding any time after July […]

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Take a look at the very trendy floral look that Drew Barrymore sported at her wedding as featured by People Magazine! The oh so popular peony strikes again, remember they were also used when Jessica and Ashley Simpson were bridesmaids a few months back! Barrymore decided to use peonies in multiple shades of pink that […]

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Vases for DIY Wedding Flowers

Doing your wedding flowers requires a couple smart decisions, one of them being VASES! Picking vases that are easy to work with, inexpensive, and classy has proven to be difficult in the past, but not anymore! No fear, Blooms by the Box is here!! Bulk glass vases for a couple bucks each, can seriously save […]

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