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Memorial day is a great time to use your creativity to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. It can provide inspiration for all year long too. Red, white, and blue can be a beautiful color scheme that is perfect for the all American wedding as well as weekend festivities and family gatherings.  […]

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Your wedding is completely built around a color scheme and that’s why its so important to look at a multitude of different color combinations. Know what you do want and what you don’t want!Picking colors can prove tedious but having a wide scope of ideas will give you a clear picture in the end. Here […]

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As requested from our wonderful facebook followers, here is some do-it-yourself daisy inspiration. I think people underestimate the presence of daisies at a wedding. At least, I did, until I started seeing how absolutely beautiful these weddings are. The daisies give an air of elegance and sophistication that I could not really picture in my […]

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    Diana DeVito

    That bouquet is made with about one bunch of white pompom daisies! If you mix the daisies with some other flowers you will only need 4-5 stems of daisies per bouquet! We would love to help you select quantities, email me with your specific and I will help you figure it out (


    In the top image, how many stems are in that bouquet would you guess? I’m trying to do something similar by ordering flowers from you and need some estimates on what to order! Thanks!

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