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Less is More


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As a provider of wedding flowers for countless brides across the United States, I am always impressed by what they can do. Just planning a wedding is hard enough, then add DIY aspects – talk about a lot to do! Our customer gallery is living proof that it can be done, and I commend all brides and brides-to-be […]

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For those of you who consider yourself true New Yorkers or travel to Manhattan everday for work I think there is one thing you both can agree on – the city in the winter can be a cold, miserable place. After the holiday cheer wears off the city is left with the occassional blizzard and frigid, […]

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Keeping with the Valentine’s Day Fundraising theme, I would like to introduce you to your new best friend if you decide to sell roses on V-Day… the thorn stripper. If you have previously ordered wholesale roses, you know this, but for all you newbies out there I must forewarn you that when you buy roses […]

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