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Bouquet Trends


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So you’ve chosen your wedding date, dress, and venue, now on to yet another monumental decision, the flowers. From an early age, every girl dreams of the day that she’ll walk down the aisle. Some envision a church adorned with roses, while others picture a beach with the sun and sand as the backdrop for […]

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Flowers for Dad? Really?” But what you probably don’t know is that back in earlier times wearing flowers was a traditional way of celebrating Father’s Day; thanks to Mrs. John B. Dodd who suggested the holiday in 1909! Mrs. Dodd favored the red rose to honor a father still […]

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Underwater flower arrangements are a current trend in centerpieces. Not only are they extremely easy to make, they are very inexpensive and will add an elegant touch to your tables at your reception! If you decided to create them the day of the wedding, they will last long after the big day, giving you the […]

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